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Hello my name is Tomi and im from Finland. This summer i was thinking of changing my Sunny coupe b12 into a new ride. I have been drooling over datsuns from the moment i got my nissan (my first car in public road)

This Datsun 150y had been driving around near where i live and i was always drooling over it and then i found out it was for sale! 800euros and its in great condition! All the rust has been fixed and painted over (quite badly though but better than original probably) so i went to see it but the owner went for a weeks vacation so we had no time to make the deal. So there i was waiting for my baby for almost a week and my fever rising! So i had a lot of time to search the internet about Datsun info and so i found this forum. You guys have some amazing rides and i love to read the project thread. Im just thinking do you have any interest in my 81' Datsun 150y cause you seem to have so many cooler and older datsuns but in finland datsun was very common car but almost every datsun has been crushed so even my 81' is rare has hell. In finlands conditions they rust so easily so its easy to understand. My datsun wont stay in original condition but i wont do any major modifications to it, wanna keep it so it can be easily returned to stock. I like to get my hands dirty and my father has teached me to do quite a lot with cars so im thinking of posting into the project area even though im just doing small things to make the car look like me and maybe get some ideas from you folks. So what do you think?


hopefully you understand my english :)



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Welcome!! You are in the right place. WE are VERY helpful. Do not be shy to ask any question. Ther are lots of helpful people here. Are they very many Datsun trucks there? Mike

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your english is good! its the accent... :lol:


Thanks. I dont really know about the english accents. Maybe its some universal english i have learned in school :lol:


And about the trucks. Nope. Not at all. Im not sure have they ever brought many Datsun trucks to Finland. Havent seen or heard about any truck...

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Yeah, lowering would be great just have to figure out how. Maybe ill just try to find some other cars springs that are lower. Luckily my dad owns a car parts store :rolleyes: And dont expect me to lower it to the ground. The roads and laws in finland dont allow that:lol:

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