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Choptana: a chop/ped fon/tana truck


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I had thought that there was a thread already on My chopped project. I know on the old forum there was, so to update, and show You newer guys, what this project is about: here it is............


This truck actually began in 1975 with this picture




This is from Truckin" magazine Volume 1 # 4, September 1975. I would never have cut up a brand new truck but I sure wanted to. In 2002 My welder buddy, Rich Boyett, and I tried unsucessfully to chop a 620 cab. Around 2003 David Murphy asked the simple question "why don't You just buy My chopped cab?" which I did, A complete frame up construction has taken place since then and there are lots of topics that I can fill in to what was done. It was finally painted 2 1/2 years ago, when I totally stopped due to not being able to find anyone to cut the windshield. On New Years Day this year, it finally happened. That thread can found in General Discussion under the topic: "My visit with Steroid again" I started really putting it together about 3 weeks ago in hopes of taking it to the 1st SWDP Bar-B-Que, which I hope will happen. These views were taken this morning just before I loaded it up to take to the upholstery shop. I just blew it off with an air hose so please excuse the filth.








I've still got a FULL 10 days to get it ready but this is what has been done to date. I promise next shots it will be CLEAN!!!

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First off...... this project is NOT coming out as I had initially planned it. It is just plain STUPID to have a black vehicle in the desert. PERIOD! Now couple to that, no air conditioning and I am ending up with what I have, not actually what I want. But it will be OK in the end. Naturally, the "ratrod" culture didn't exist in 1975 like it does today. I had planned to paint Choptana FLAT black primer and "ride" the ratrod craze for a few years. Somehow the paint ended up glossy. I did NOT want that. It was done in Las Vegas and when I went up to retrieve it, I almost S^%*!!!! As I was leaving for Japan two days later, I had to take it. Also, on the way up I spotted Lil' Stomper (if any of You remember that story) so I was distracted that day. I brought it home and decided that it would (and it still will) be HEAVILY pinstriped with flames in red. That will tone it down some. Next, after the ratrod theme was not a hot item any more, I was going to totally repaint it in another color. Something more suited for the desert. A tan or sand color. At that time, I would add The Permacasts so that it looked (lighter color) pretty close to the 1975 Truckin' black and white photo of the chopped truck that I always wanted. Now the Permacasts will be going on Wasserman's Wonder and Choptana will get AIR CONDITIONING, thus staying balck. With that in mind, I am putting more thought in it's interior and other subtle tricks. What I DIDN'T know about the ratrod run scene, is the cutoff year for most runs is 1964, so I cann't take it to a ratrod run anyway. Maybe by invitation, but Oh Well. So thats where I'm at. The artwork is done on the spoiler and it matches the "bamboo" tailgate lettering if that gives You a clue on the interior. You all should be seeing on the 16th!! I really had wanted to debut it at Ludikrs but that will now happen at JCCS.

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Gotta say I like the glossy black. The lettering is cool too. Sounds like your artistic side and your need to stay period correct are in conflict. Regardless, all your trucks look great and it's guys like you that keep me coming back to this website. I'm anxious to see how it all turns out. Great job!

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Very KOOL pics Mike..love the bamboo lettering. Whats that noise??? Now if you guys remember I was there last Dec. [after Reso] to witness the windshield getting cut & installed. It was the guys 1st time doing a windshield but he pulled it off...



Kool aid smiles !



& the damm dam :D


Cant wait to see the interior & how it flows together with the rest of the truck. & also it NEEDS to be cruising downtown Fontana after the BBQ:cool:

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Progress update!!! Was at upholstery shop this morning delivering the caulking for the sunroof. The headliner is done (I love it!!) and He was starting the carpeting! I told Him to take His time if it needs to stay overnight. I'm on My way back there now to see how it looks. Also, I trailered W W to Rich's shop to have the new header pipe built and installed. Mike the glass guru was there and might install the chopped rear window tonight or tomorrow night. You know what that means??? I can WASH it!!! So it's coming together finally. When I am assured that it will run and STOP on it's own, the spoiler (sorry, NOT an airdam) will be installed and then taillights, etc, etc.

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What I DIDN'T know about the ratrod run scene, is the cutoff year for most runs is 1964, so I cann't take it to a ratrod run anyway. Maybe by invitation, but Oh Well. So thats where I'm at.


See I dont get why they do "cut off " year for anything, it pisses me off, my 79 is a "Classic" by Ca standards because it is 30 years old, it looks just like a 74, but I cant enter it into a show because the show is for "classic" cars (74 and below) only, screw that crap, ok, end rant!


Steriod, that truck is just awesome! I cant wait to see it finished. I am amazed that its the same truck as in the top picture, way to keep another classic build alive man:thumbsup:

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I brought Choptana home tonight with all of the interior and components done, the sunroof installed and the back window also installed!! I will be finishing the interior now myself. The carpeting is awesome and matches the black paint perfectly. I still have to mount the seats, find WIDE industrial strength velcro for the back section and door panels. Also I still have to design the armrests (secret) and other details. Cut down the stickshift lever and install boot and "5 ball" (the reason for that is on all of My 4 speed trucks I will have 4 balls and on My two 5 speed trucks I'll have 5 balls) Hey, I'm 52,,,,,,,, I forget things sometimes and need a "visual" to remind Me!!


In the morning, though, it will be under the rear with a drill and wire wheels followed with black spraypaint. Not a pleasent thought. Goodnight!!

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Well, that was fun. NOT ! ! I knew that this was going to be an "ugly" day. But it's over. God blessed Me with cloud cover!! It was at least 20 degrees cooler!! Thanks God!!!

Years ago Choptana was undercoated so I knew going into this project that it would be a bummer. I decided to clean what I could and re-undercoat the underside of the bed and strip the frame to repaint. Three cans of rubberized (NOT tar) undercoating has it looking pretty nice now. The frame, rearend and springs ANYWHERE I could reach was wirewheeled and then painted gloss black. Now the driveshaft and exhaust can go back on. Then add 90wt gear oil in the tranny, etc, etc. Another day closer. Photos at one hour right now, maybe on tonight or in the morning. MAN I have SORE ARMS!!!! Sleeping pill tonight!

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Here is what Choptana looked like last evening. First the exhaust system. This is a "copy" of what a truck in the 70s, Ziggy's Stardust, ran. His pipes, however, were VW megaphones. Later Dave Bednarczyk bought them and placed them on His Green Hornet. They are now black. Kinda' "ratrodish" looking.




Next is how the headliner and sunroof turned out.......




Front detail.........




And side shots.........






I guess I'd better detail the tires!!! They look like they are made of wood! Anyway, that's how she is coming.

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Thanks! Part of the "feel" of a ratrod vehicle is to use whats lying around, stuff from other places and cheap ideas on the build. Folks, You are looking at $30.00 seats! Those are Walmart video rocker seats that are sold to use indoors while playing video games. I needed something low enough and those were about it. The red worked too so I had matching "piping" stitched around a woven reed rug I bought at a Tiki store. It's kinda' to explain but You'll see pictures soon on the whole interior. You'll see also how the exhaust fits the "stinkbug" rearend.

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