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B210 Spoiler molds on Ebay

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Hey Ratsun!  I was searching Ebay today and stumbled across these molds for B210 Aero parts.  I cant afford to buy these nor do i even know how to use them BUT im sure someone on here may be interested in them.  I would LOVE to buy one of the rear spoilers if they were to be re-made.  I really hope this is an acceptable place to post this.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-B210-SPOILER-MOLDS-1200-Sunny-/151070748105?pt=Vintage_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item232c84adc9



If anybody does buy these and starts producing the parts please PM me!

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Strange thing i just noticed and sent a question to them on.... They show the finished parts,, but not one single picture of molds.. Not even one


The ad also states that there is no shipping on this item ,, local pick-up only.


unless he updated his ad, the pictures of the molds are on there.... pictures 5 and 10... Here they are if you still cant see them. (PS this is not my auction, just trying to help out)




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Thanks for posting ,, i didn`t see mold writting on picture



i assumed those were the parts that came off molds because they are not reinforced at all to prevent parts from being crooked when they are made.. I worked in the fiberglass fabrication industry for 9 years ,, years ago and those really don`t look like legitamite molds to me ,, but i don`t know,, maybe the straighness of those parts isn`t as critical.



at all

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