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City of Hayward, Ca. Car Show Street Party 08/21/08


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Hello everyone! The city of Hayward, Ca. has a "Street Party"every 3rd Thursday of month during the summer. It's thrown by the City of Hayward Chamber of commerce. What they do is they shut the down town area of Hayward between the following Intersections. Main Street between A & C Street

and C Street between mission Blvd & Foothill. The next and last for 2008 is August 21st!


There is an old car show that take place in the three blocks of Main Street. These have been traditionally old school 50's low riders and muscle cars of all types. In the three years I've been going, there had only been one Datsun. It was a Roadster. Some one needs to come and represent!


If you ask me the show needs to be diversified! It's in your favor because, Hot August nights is that weekend and the Danvill Car Show is that weekend too so, it's expected to be thin.


The price to come and participate? FREE!!! Your vehicle must be 1972 and under though. What do you have to do? Show up at 3:00 enter Main at C street and sign a waiver. Waiver is basic, City of Hayward not liable participating at own risk etc. So what do you say?



I'll be there helping out the event staff. However I won't be bringing my ride. Mine's an 85. My 56 VW isn't running yet.


If you can come through come through! Space is limited to first come first served. Once the street is full that's it! Ok! I look forward to hearing back for your folks! Talk to you soon!

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If you guys who plan to go want to park next to each other, the rule is you must arrive at the 'C Street gate' at the very same time - one car behind the other.


For the past six (6) years, the standing rule has always been that no one can save spaces for a friend that will be arriving later.


Thank you!

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