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rare/jdm parts service


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i just bought a set of these  they are the right ones for my cedric and it would cost me more to fix and replate than buy new

i do not understand what you are saying :)


correct, its approx 97jpy to 1usd. but it does fluctuate and what this site or that site says might not be

what my friends bank in japan says, OR what paypal thinks the rate is

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Yeah, they are very legit. You make an account and submit a parts request for what you need. the parts have to show in their system though, if it doesnt show, nobody in their network has it.


once you submit the request someone checks the actual availability and stock, and then emails you back within a few days with an invoice and shipping cost.


I paid and then it was sent!


a little mix up occurred, they just addressed it to my name, city and zipcode. so It went to my local PO, then all the way back to Japan, to be readdressed and sent back. but they only charged me for shipping once.


but thanks a whole bunch for finding this website for me. it saved my arse.

thanks for sharing....  :thumbup:

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id love to get my hands on some kaido racer decals, or some form of bosozoku stickers, along with some 4x114.3 16"-17" 3pc rims. if there's even such a thing. 

gimme some examples of what youre lookin for

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gimme some examples of what youre lookin for

in regards to the stickers or rims? my budget has tanked recently, (thanks to the NEW dd datsun project) so i cant really afford to buy wheels or stickers anyways lol. 


in terms of stickers, the boso cat one and the gang sticker are what id love to get my hands on, or anything like that (vintage boso gang stuff)


but when were talking about wheels im looking for something oldschool, with a fairly low or negative offset in 4x114.3. but i need 16"s or 17"s, just wondering if you've seen anything?

mainly looking for another set of ssr's maybe some impul, work, enkei, possibly watanabes? you know, that good old stuff!  :thumbup:

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$60 for a nissan disney fridge or some shit



$21 for this nissan truck wallet




$18 nissan sunshade and bag




$10 old silvia key



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heres an excerpt from a for sale thread of mine from zilvia


what you see is what you get smile.gif
tools all appear to be NEW/never used,
except for the philip's head screw driver, which has markings on the 
handle, but the (philip's) head seem new/unused. 
$100 obo smile.gif

(3)nissan branded tools
(also from japan, of course.)

$30 for all 3, or $10 each of course. SOLD SOLD SOLD 
-open ended wrench is 8/10mm, screwdriver is flat/philip's head reversible.
i know the price seems steep but i have never run across nissan branded tools. please PM me if you have an example

brand new nismo tool bag $65


i was surprised that i sold the wrenches 1st, and that i got what i wanted for them (which pretty much allowed me to break even...)

and a few others are in the market for those nissan branded tools, so im ordering more

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