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rare/jdm parts service


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no i prefer requests via PM please :)

and did you read about the turn signals? they might not be good quality so im not sure if you want them anymore

Got it. Yea, I hadn't really looked at them since I saw them on my phone first. I'll shoot you a PM later regarding a bunch of parts I'm gonna be needing.
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nos over 200 before shipping ha (510)



lowering springs, these are specifically for the 510. over $225 shipped


"30mm down rate 35% up" 


hakosuka (skyline gtr) oem fender mirrors approx $300 shipped



blue bird fuse box approx 250 shipped



oem 510 windshield weather strip approx 175 shipped



blue bird sedan carpet (aftermarket) a lil over 550 before shipping :(




frp bre style lips?


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FUJITSUBO 510 "super ex" exhaust manifold for L16/L18


^over 600 before shipping :(


510 roll center adapter


approx 200, maybe could be made cheaper state side? 


fender mirrors






Nissan B310 Sunny Coupe TS rear spoiler FRP


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^that works for me, thank you :)

before we had the discussion feature i didnt think it fit in classifieds

as i wanted peoples input and to be able to post items 

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im bidding on that one for my personal collection ^ 

idk if i would even wear it. but its super inexpensive at the moment and it looks cool and nostalgic haha.

if you want it, itll cost ya. and its a medium. but a japanese medium so idk if ill even fit into it.


in case some of you are wondering, what happens if you pay me and then i bid and then we get outbid 

right before the auction ends? WELL, you get a full refund of course! that just happened 510 OC and

i. we were bidding on some wheels that were pretty low priced in the last 6 hours of the auction, well 

the auction ended at 6am US time so i went to bed and we got outbid by 300 more usd. so i told him

whats up and refunded him within 5 minutes of him asking me to :)

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cheap like under 20 before shipping



replica, under 20 before shipping



used BRE jacket "super rare" almost 300 shipped!





close to 100 shipped :(




idk the story with this




large jacket approx 100 shipped



cheap like under 20 but probably closer to 100 after shipping







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s30 sillicone rad hoses. 75 before shipping


not sure if our and their rad inlet/outlets are on the same side...


covers approx 35 before shipping. probably cheaper if made in the US




pad cover 85 before shipping. may be cheaper stateside?




"P510 speedometer new SSS DATSUN PL510 Blue Bird the previous fiscal year"


^ approx 10 before shipping


s30 240z front fenders (frp) $370 before shipping 




sunny b310 hella made grill? over 550 lol




240z emblem (2) $45 + shipping





sss horn 160 + shipping



kenmari/240k button




sunny sanitora  '40s' tappet cover 260 +


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i do all the search/research or whatever, mostly on yahoo japan auctions, 

and i have a friend in japan that is able to buy and ship the items for me

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Hes got a guy purchasing something for me outside YAJ. 

oh yeah, and i cruise google.co.jp trying to find parts as well but its proving fairly difficult.

the majority of japanese interest seems to be in skylines, fair ladies (of course) and sunnys, blue birds last

with everything else getting much less love. 

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and holy shit look what ive found, the holy grail!!!!


14x6.5+9/7+2 200000jpy



14x6.5 +9 100000, 150000 buy it now



considering this... under 15 right now



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Say a few of us order some parts/apparel/etcetera... Could shipping be split between buyers if parts are all shipped together..? Of course they'd have to go to one destination, and each part(s) shipped again to their respective owners (would be cheaper as it would be between states)..


Just a thought, maybe some precious Ratsun money can be saved and spent on.. Moar parts

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it depends on the item. 

a bunch of little parts shipped together saves money i think. 

which is actually something im trying to do.


shipping is by weight though so its somewhat iffy....

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yeah man i think that would be best. 


the smaller shit is sent by air. from what i understand its actually more

expensive to ship the smaller shit via sea. but if you got a bunch of little stuff

together you can save by shipping it via sea BUT then you gotta wait the 6-9 weeks 

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