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i'm done, for now. 74 b210


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what's up fellow ratsos, well my litte b210 is finally on the road. i sprayed a coat of white primer for now. heres' what i did to get it going. the car did not move since 1991.


clean out gas tank at radiator shop

flush out all gas lines

rebuilt carb twice, i messed up the first time

rebuilt the engine (i didn't have to do this but oh well)

new clutch

replace rear diff from 77 b210 (bad bearing and leaky brake cylinders)

new fluids in everything

remove front bumper

paint rear bumper black

tint the side windows

replace stock exhaust with straight pipe and pace setter tip (extremely loud)

reconnected all wiring

hella h4 conversion headlights, (took them from my truck)

put piaa lights in old front bumper holes, soon to be filled with an intercooler


the wheels are steel 15x6, with 12 mm offset, spare tire rims from 88 to 90 toyota cressida, they come painted exactly how you see them and balanca perfectly, they were 8 bucks a peice on half of day at pic and pull. the tires are 195 50 15's. you can also retain the stock datsun lug nuts. i had to grind the front hubs a little to make them fit in the front.
















i'm driving my little b to work and back. great gas savings. i'm pretty much def when i cruise the car with the windows down, it's ntjust too loud. i will be moving the exhaust to the rear and adding a glasspack. right now it's just straight pipe. In late october battle of the imports is coming to famoso raceway here in bakersfield, cali. i will be entering the brakets and possibly hitting low 18's, anything faster than that will be icing on the cake.

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hey bucket, the bumper is what came with car, i just sprayed it with duplicolor black wheel paint and scuffed it a little to make it look like rubber and kind of mesh the front of the cars blackness with the rear, if that makes any sense.


i also got the idea for the air cleaner from you. i liked the way it looks on out cars. i almost cut a hole in the hood to have the air cleaner poke out.


i'm in the process right now of lowering my rear springs by hand, hammer, and blow torch. i have two leaves done right now.

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i thought the air cleaner looked familar! i already thought about stealing your idea for the lights in the front and the blacked out look. i almost blacked it out last night after seeing the pictures. i might do some big rally lights just so we're different. let me know how the lowering goes, i have been thinking about PCD method of flipping the bottom leaf and putting it on top. or just blocks, but that feels wrong for a car to me. keep the updates coming, i love seeing b210's.

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Guest jaimesix

Looks nice. You should hunt for an overseas Datsun B210 ( or 120Y as it was known in Australia ) bumper set.


Some lowering would add looks and cornering ability. I recommend ADDCO sway bars. I had those in my B210, it cornered like a Corvette!


I never tried this on my B210, but thinking about it, and with so many 510 bumpers around, if you can try a 510 bumper ( front and rear.) In fact, I would go to the junk yard, check 70's japanese cars, and look for suitable bumpers. Yea, some will say those would not be original Datsun....but untill you can get a set of Australian/UK/bumpers....others can help your cool B210 show it's true good looks.


Good job!!!!



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