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FT?? 1969 521 for a 510 4 dr (or wagon maybe)...??

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Okay, the 521 IS super-sweet, but I have a datsun truck with the 620, and would love a 510, 4-dr preferred, wagons considered?

(although wagons do scare me cause I know I'll end up living in it:eek::fu:)


Now, what is the scoop on the 521...?


The good:

L20b, 77-79 dogleg 5 speed, locked rear-end, already slammed, 3rd brakelight, shaved hooks (the leafs have been pulled, you don't want to haul anything),:D


The bad:

Incorrect timing marks on the crankshaft (no notch, therefor you need to mark TDC, I haven't bothered to do this)

Sounds like the clutch bearing is going out (only noticeable around 5th gear)


"hybrid" carb (Weber bottom and top, but different sizes on each)

Stripped out top starter bolt (


Truck could be running in a day (I'd say), it's just a matter of a tap and die set (and a bolt) for the starter, and setting the timing. Ran like a CHAMP before the starter went and got difficult....


So what have you got for trade?? I'd love a 4-dr 510, but I think I could be talked into a wagon, already have a 620, and anything after that will need smog, which is a big "NO THANK YOU"


So lets make a deal!!:D

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