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im wondering what kind of musical taste the ratsun family has im a die hard metalhead metallica was my lullibys i like newer stuff as well as older stuff for the most part if it has an electric guitar and thundering drums i usually like it so what are you guys into ?

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Im a Die Hard Zeppelin, Floyd and Blues Fan:cool:! Elmore James, johnny Copeland ETC...But have many taste, Like the Old School Metal sound like Sabbath(Ian and Ronnie), And just about anything from the "70s like Steely Dan, Chicago ETC...:D! And Dont forget the Oldies Baby:cool:!!!

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Progressive rock....From, Yes. to Rush, to Dream Theater, Fates Warning, King Crimson, Uk, UFO, But still dig bands like the Police, Styx, and I am child of the 80s hair bands, White Lion, Winger, Poison, DIo, Priest, etc...But I cant go on a road trip without...Iron Maiden........And lets keep this on the down Low...but I have a thing for Leann Rhimes....(sorry)

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For me it is Country all the way. Old and New Country. Soft rock is okay from time to time as well. The really sad part was when my son was listening to some music and I asked him what he was listening to and his reply was some Oldies. So I am thinking the 50's right???? Oh how wrong I was. It was late 70's early 80's. Music that I grew up listening too. OH how did that make me feel old............Hadn't really thought of that time frame as being the oldies. :)

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anything from Thelonious Monk to Sinatra to Randy Travis to Slipknot most of them can be found in my CD collection and I always have some form of reggae or Sublime in my cd player at least once a week



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a little of everything. i was al over the board yesterday. 2short, Pink, Nightwish, Zeplin, even some country. so yeah pretty much anything. and at night is i am on the road. jazz. dunno why just because. good soulful music i guess.

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I tend to listen to everything. I don't enjoy rap AT ALL! I do however love Zeppelin, AC~DC, Heart. You know, the "old" 80's tunes. I like the newer stuff as well.

My daughter laughs at me cause I'm always singing to tunes from everything from commercials to something on her mp3. She asked me one time " How do you know so many songs?" :lol::lol:

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i listen to pretty much everything but country and new age rap. it depends on what kinda mood im in but most of the time i listen to some sort of rock. some of my favorites are pink floyd, zeppelin, sublime, system of a down, alice in chains, dr dre, dave matthews, creed, the doors, disturbed, eclectic approach, incubus, jack johnson, metallica(old stuff), lamb of god, nirvana, rage, red hot chili peppers, rush, slightly stoopid, tool, white stripes. lately ive been listening to a lot of non-mainstream hip-hop like atmosphere, grieves, aesop rock, mac lethal. those guys have way more talent than any "rappers" on the radio.

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