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why not?

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hey im new here ha im just a kid actually im 17 and well i got my first truck

a datsun 620 pickup and was wondering if anyone wants to be nice enough to lead me in the right path with some good shops to visit in the sd area you know sense again im just a kid i dont wana get fucked over by some lame people

you all seem pretty chill and stuff so i hope i can get some nice help around

im not a car kid but i sure want to be i love my datsun :D

well yeah thanks peace.

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well one of the best ways not to get screwed is to do the work yourself get on ebay and get a service manuel (i say ebay cause you can find the orginal factory ones there) and buy some tools and parts and go to town

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Bonvo's Right:)! Best thing about these trucks is there easy to work on:cool:! Looks like you've started some body work already:). Body looks pretty straight...throw on some primer and rims with a little interior customizing and she look like a RAT:cool:! Your brothers truck looks good as well:D Is it a daily driver and worker?

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yeah i figured i better work on it myself but its hard to do so sense i live in apartments but ill find a way hahaha

well actually my brothers is not working right now his trany broke

and mine used to have that rack when we bought it

so we took it off and put it on the red one for right now trying to sale the rack but nobody wants it so far so later on in the week were just gona put it up for free hahaha

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its.. another Smurf!!! my 620 is the same color from what i can tell. nice trucks. these trucks are simple. do the work yourself, if you can, as it almost seems a monkey can do it. hell i just adjsuted the valves on my L16 and i have never looked into an L series motor before. a good set of tools and the FSM and your good to go. also check your local used book sellers. sometimes they ahve the FSM on the shelf or can get one. thats where i got mine.

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i was only 19 when i put the head an timing chain on my 620 an then over a few years a bunch of other little misc things like front disc brake upgrade










i've repainted the truck since those photos, same flat black color which has since faded an you prolly wouldnt even know i painted it unless i just told you.. next time im usin clear coat!! lol


anyways good luck bud!

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