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$50 score!

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I picked up a rebuilt l20 shortblock from a circle track race car for $50!:cool:


Shop shut down and left behind some parts. After the lein, the owner of the building sold me the motor:D Now I need to take one of my heads to the machine shop or find a good Head for it.

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oh yeah, when I cleaned it up, I realized it was a z22 block, not an L20(explains the custom pan w/dipstick). I haven't compared them, but it looks like the front cover has already been changed over. I need to mic the cylinders, but the walls look a little thinner than stock. I have the motor on a stand, when I get back in town I'm gonna tear it down a little more and get an idea of what's happening inside!

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Nice... I suppose at the very least you could cannibalize it for parts and find yourself a good Z22 block/pistons to use as a core, than use the other good parts from the block you bought. You might be able to find a decent core at a dismantlers, or someone here might have one.

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I already have a stock z22 with a 5 speed on hand, this one I bought is a fully rebuilt race motor, I meant it looks like it's been bored out when I said the cylinder walls looked a little thin. I need to inspect it a little more though, so I can find out what else has been done to it.


Looks like it will probably go in the 4x4, I'm not sure an LZ22 would be the ticket for the Dually, since it's my DD.

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yes, the 4x4 is a dealer conversion, so it already has all the adapters to mate the transfer case to the 5 speed, since the output shafts are the same on the 4 speed and 5 speed.



I'd like to put the motor and tranny combo in the dually, but I don't think an LZ hybrid motor would last as long in a commuter vehicle?

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I think there's a few people that've done that swap on dailys... my bigger concern would be what the engine is set up to do... you said it was a race engine... this could mean that it was designed to be high-revving, high-compression, with a disregard for fuel milage. You'd have to look at the actual engine itself and find out what it's designed to do before you put it in your truck. You probably won't spend much time near the redline on a daily, so a high powerband wouldn't be of much use. If the compression is very high you'l have to run higher octane, and with the price of gas nowadays 15 mpg may not be the kind of milage you're looking for with a daily.


Depending on its setup and what you want out of it, you can look at it one of two ways: as a solid engine for a daily, or as a performance engine for a toy. And remember that you can always up- or down-grade the modifications. Using a block that hasn't been bored out, changing carb jets, decreasing compression, etc, are all ways you could easily tone down a race engine. You're only limited by your desire, willingness, and finances in doing what you want with that engine.

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