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Please help me I.D. this crossmember kit.

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I had a camber/toe kit put in my 510, way back, around 1995. It was done at Neely Motorsports, and believe it or not, the car really hasn't been used since then. I'm just diving back into the project, and have no idea who made the parts.


Problem is that the shims have gone missing. They look like square "E"s, and I need them to get things aligned.


So, what's the company, are they still around, and can I still get the shims?





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Turns out the shim kits are in stock and $50. Still hoping my buddy finds the originals and sends them.


I TIG, have 2 lathes, and can model parts in Solidworks, but if I need a water-jet and mill to keep this car going...

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