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70 521 "lina bear"


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Made me lol ^^^^


But on a serious note. Ive gotten a wild hair up my ass...figurativly speaking i know all you guys got a joke for that one.


Like i was sayin ima throw a head on that 1600 i have in it. Put weber intake mani exhaust on fresh oil and filter. And fire it up....if i can.


Can someone draw me up a wiring guid to fire it up from a battery with a button. like i have a button for the starter. But i want to know how to make the coil fire up without the ignition. This trucks wiring is all fucked up and i just want to test it.


Comon this is ratsun for pete sakes!

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I needa get this fucker running. Sold or moved to a new location. My brother got my ass kicked out of my home. Now i need a place to store it. I dont have a place to put it where im staying at right now.


Family will screw you over every time you try to help i swear there is no fail to it. after all the years he soent in prison thought might have changed. Nope i was wrong o well.

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Yeah boiiiii!!!!! Who doesnt love free shit. Lol

Got on craigslist for shits n giggles cause im broke look what i see lol. Now i just need a good cylinder head and im golden to get this thing on the road. Finally caught a break. The engine stand was free too.







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So i found some motivation finally. I got off my ass and did something today. Screw an engine hoist. My friend carlos helped out today and we got this ish out. Guna clean the engine bay then put the new motor in soon i hope.




And a great fuckyou to my ex.



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