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70 521 "lina bear"


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i have a rear bumper.. you may not like it....




i only had one of here in the wheel well.... but she came over in some yoga pants :thumbup:  and a tight low cut shirt :w00t:  and i was liek you gonna change to work on the car, and she goes no these are my working on the car clothes..... i actually offered her a job in my shop lol.... she accepted(assumed) the position lol



edit, found em... theres 5 apparently.... nothing special tho
















You so crazy,I think I want to have her baby.lol










Das hot i think the feeling is mutual tanker....


i tried to give her a baby.. pesky birth control kept it from happening lol

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Wow aint that a bitch. O well atleast if it ever ends she cant hit you with im prego lol and child support



Nice find on both the truck & the girlfriend! Definitely call that a keeper.


Erich...same goes for you on the above statement!


sorry to break it to you guys... but shes been gone since last october......... FBGM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Idk why....but i lack the means to wrench on this imposter of a truck. Like i took off the head...did the headlight conversion andbhid's.....and thats it. Ive been wanting to but i just look at it and go meh. And just walk away. Something about this truck just doesnt feel right. Maybe i feel like im cheating on the old truck? I dont know what it is but someone help me find the motivation to fix it. Ive gone out to fix other datsuns or cars for friends but not mine. :(

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Thanks shit happened last night basically i dont want to see it since my ex baught it for me so it has to go

what an ex that worked on datsuns 

sorry to hear that hopefully its for the better 

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I think he's trying to sell it so painting the truck probably isn't gonna happen, but anyway royal sierras green is my green now, so no twinsies haha jk I'm gonna spray mine by the end of the summer so camo green can be up for grabs.

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