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Monster Truck - 1972 Chevy Suburban

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Now then, when I installed the upper mounts, They really had to push down on the radiator.  Being all new rubber in the saddles and all, I didn't think much about it at the time.  But the end result was that the end of the mounts was higher up in the air than normal, so when I bolted up the shroud, it lifted it up off center so that the bottom of the shroud was contacting the fan blades.  A few revs of the motor left their mark!




So I unbolted the shroud and grabbed the zip ties...


Now the shroud is located correctly but not exaclty permanently attached:










It's not going to go anywhere, but the zip tie job is not befitting of this beautiful suburban for sure!




Once it was all *done* I ran the engine for a while and everything looks good.  The coolant is definately cycling through the radiator and there were no leaks or anything.  Just needs a proper test drive to prove it out.


It would appear that there must be two different core supports and there must be two different radiator shrouds as well, as vertical location problem aside, it does not fit up against the core support or the top of the radiator properly.  It needs to have more reach.  I'll have to investigate that one further but it will have to wait for another day.  For now I have to be happy to have the immediate problem fixed.  :)

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still looking for rally rims? what bolt pattern?


I know i have spare set of a 67 chevelle. I don't know if the half ton burbs were 5 bolt or 6 in the 70s.


Mine is 5 lug.  I talked to Frank for a while about the different rally rims available and I'm not sure that would get me the fitment I'm after.  Maybe this winter I'll make time to do some more research.  I'm thinking I may need to look at some custom steel rims to get the look I really want.

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Goodness, I didn't realize I haven't posted in this thread for so long...


We only drive the Monster Truck 4-6 times a year, and usually for a special purpose like family trips, collecting Datsun parts, collecting Datsun parts while on a family trip, etc.  It's favorite thing to do is tow the Swamp Thing!








But it's towed a horse trailer and u-haul and bikes and sheetrock and everything in between....


In all of that, it has never left me feeling great confidence in the brakes.  So I reached out to Frank's Pick'm Ups in Olympia for help and bought a bunch of new parts to go with a monster brake booster and master cylinder combo he sells.






Still crazy to me that the hub and rotor are all one piece on these old trucks.






Just an odometer record of when I did this swap.




In with the new




Out with the old






I was amazed at how many people wanted the old stuff I took out.  I offered it all up on craigslist for FREE and people were clamoring over it.  Glad I could help!








I had done the rears as well a little earlier.  I guess they weren't picture worthy.  I did all new bearings while I was at it - since new hubs and all...




Oh man what a difference!


I used to have to literally stand on the brake pedal to get this thing to stop.  Now it takes the slightest effort to do the job.  So happy how it transformed the truck!  Why didn't I do this years ago?!

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Fast forward a year and I sure wish I had a garage big enough for this thing.  Winters are taking their toll but it still looks great and is eager to go every time we want to use it.  Despite Covid19, we hauled two more 510s home last year, from Seattle and Enumclaw...




As well as a truck and trailer full of 510 parts from Bellingham, and piles of neighbor kids to the barn for horse rides.  : )  What a champ...


I gave it a good wash Saturday and took some photos. 
































Still holding up pretty well after all these years!



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That thing is super clean inside.  Very cool.

I just bought a VERY thrashed 1972 IH Travelall that I plan to drop on a Tahoe frame and floorpan (since it came equipped with most of a floor pan delete...).  But I plan similar use for it.  Car hauler, horse hauler, extended family hauler.

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Did I forget to mention our Monster Truck took care of a neighborhood rodent a few years ago.




Great!  I hope you enjoyed your stay - and the wiring you consumed...


Apparently it's favorite flavor was "charging circuit" as I noticed smoke coming out of the wiring when I started the truck one day.  It ate enough to cause resistance, melting the fusable link in the process. 




So we got to do a little digging




Before replacing the damaged section(s) in their entirety to set it all right again.





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My wife and I are a few months away from being "empty nesters" and it is time to thin the heard a bit.  We will be offering the Monster Truck for sale.  I have always assumed we had around $40K in the truck and I hope we are able to get half that back out.


Time to add up some receipts.


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Okay, let's do some math...


Original purchase in 2003 - $1,900




rear bumper and hitch $380 - subtotal $2,280




Steering wheel and adapter $105 - subtotal $2,385




suburban door $150 - subtotal $2,535




2 suburban doors $200 - subtotal $2,735




full body rust repair $7,900 - subtotal $10,635

















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Wheels ($250 - can't find receipt) and tires ($430) $680 - subtotal $11,315




Engine rebuild parts $960 - subtotal $12,275 (can't find receipt for labor)




Suspension kit $1,100 - subtotal $13,375




tranny rebuild  $900 - subtotal $14,275




HEI distributor kit $200 - subtotal $14,475




brake / rear axle job $325 - subtotal $14,800











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Suspension parts $300 - subtotal $15,100




Paint Job and rebuild $17,500 - subtotal $32,600






Suspension rebuild $1,500 - subtotal $34,100





Radiator and mounts $450 - subtotal $34,550




Rear brakes $125 - subtotal $34,675




Front brakes $400 - subtotal $35,075




Big brake booster + M/C + door handle $375 - subtotal $35,450





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So receipts have me north of $35,450 plus $1,000 for the bench seat upholstery and there are a whole lot of little things that I don't have receipts for and no engine rebuild labor and, and, and...


Let's call it $38,000 ish.


(When I was shopping around to get it painted - I had a shop in Lynnwood quote and they quoted $30,000 just for the basic exterior paint and were not even going to remove the windows.  You can see why I used Mark!)


The odometer currently reads 56,729, engine and tranny were rebuilt around 44,000 miles so the drivetrain is still pretty fresh.


Needs tires and could really do with a new carburetor (or EFI if that's your thing) as it sometimes is hard to start when hot but otherwise it's a runner and a looker and ready for a new home.


Open to offers.


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The sun has taken its toll on the exterior plastic over the years so I thought I would treat the monster truck to some new lenses all around.  (apparently, I'm not done spending money on this truck yet)




Half of them went in great and made a huge difference!




The side marker lights were immensely disappointing.


The old lenses (left) had a gasket around the perimeter.  Someone decided they could save 5 cents by making a big rectangle gasket instead on the new ones (right).




That's great, but he gasket is supposed to sit in a perimeter step.  The big full-face gasket does not do that.




How does stuff like this leave the factory?!


I had to carefully modify the gaskets to fit.  Very disappointed.  I also had to enlarge the opening for the light bulb socket.  They didn't even get that right!




At least they looked very nice once installed.



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On 7/15/2021 at 12:30 AM, carterb said:

The side marker lights were immensely disappointing.


How does stuff like this leave the factory?!


I had to carefully modify the gaskets to fit.  Very disappointed.  I also had to enlarge the opening for the light bulb socket.  They didn't even get that right!


Sometimes a cheaper Chinese copy is a cheaper Chinese copy.  😁



I don't mind doing a bit of fettling to fit them if they look decent. Which should be Keystone's motto...  😄 

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