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L20b + more... what's it worth?

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L20b short block (looks to have been rebuilt), SSS head, intake with mikuni solex 44's, header, bunch of misc parts for the L as well.


Guys, in your honest opinion, what's the "package" worth?


Also (and pardon my n00bness on this motor), what was it originally in?


Thanks all!

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I paid $400 for my intake and Weber 44's


If the head is off the block you can go alot by looks and a straight edge.

Tearing the block down is pretty easy, you can always put it back together if everything is good


Any pic's?

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well if the block and internals are stock, an those look to be some nice stiff springs an retainers.. i wonder if it has over sized valves.. that would help.. i would say anywhere from 105-120hp if your lucky, an on good gas with a good tune.. which is good for an l20b... now im no professional.. and im sure someone here would know more then i.. but thats a good guesstimate ;)

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also if you spend more money, and bore that block out an stroker it.. and make sure the valves are over sized if not get it done and some port/polishin with a 3 angle valve grind an some port matching ect. an make sure those springs are super stiff if not get some that are.. and possibly a cam.. and maybe instead of usin a distributor get some coil packs with a CAS kinda like off the sr20det's you maybe able to pull a FOR SURE 120hp to maybe 130 or more.. again this is a guess but i've done alot of readin an seen people pull some nice numbers from a l20b

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Looks like a regrind cam and those look like,maybe nismo lash pad retainers atop the valve springs. Suggesting some high $$$ head work.

A stock l20b with emissions on a 76 620 is stated on the engine tag to be 110 hp. I would think that could be a 135-145 hp setup. It all looks good and would be worth well over $1k.

Head rebuild would be at least $500 for competition parts,valve work,cam work.

Engine rebuild about $300-$500.

Mikunis and mani at least $400 used.Wayyyyy more new.

Header $150+ used.


A great score for under a grand.

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