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Its a 1983, so I think its last year for 810... 84 should be renamed maxima since they changed it back to Nissan. 


yeah your right, they renamed it back in 81... but its originally 810 though....


Well they only carried the name 810 on the maxima so people knew it was the new model aka next model after the 810 which was why they it even had 810 maxima on a badge. It carried the same engine (L24E) from the previous 77-80 810 but on a new chassis for the 81-84 maxima. I don't consider them 810 since the chassis is a 910, Datsun & Nissan messed that up.

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Sweet Jeebus. 


My family had one of these vans from 1990 to 1992.  (stock)  Super fun to drive sitting out over the front wheels crazy slant to the winshield.  Really roomy and a great sound system.  For a highschool kid it was a club on wheels.  But also there was the crazy feeling when you managed to break the back end loose and you were going the "wrong way" since you sit in front of the fulcrum of the front wheels.  HOWEVER we did not pay attention to the recalls.  You sat on the engine.  You pulled up the front seat to do maintenance.  The recalls were not to be trifled with as they were based on many ways that the stock engine could fail and dangerously so especially since you were sitting on it.  Including blowing head gaskets fuel/oil/steam shooting up into the passenger compartment.  One of the ways they could fail was a fuel pump failure which started a fire basically under your ass.  Ours went down on a blown gasket on a family trip.  


ahh... memories.

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If you're going to sell your car, don't take what looks like a pic of some random Z driving down the road...


'74 260z $1k






I'm thinking if you want to buy it this guy will just go steal it for you.

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