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12 minutes ago, Skib said:

People have lost their god damn minds on Datsun prices...


People have lost that a long time ago, here is a another wtf moment in time.




30k for a honda element with 53 thousand one the clock.

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The last like 6 years or so esp have gotten bad.
I got a "deal" on my Z and I still paid to much. But I thought was priced out of an S30 forever.

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              McKinleyville used to be called "Oklahoma by the sea",

until all those Southern Californians moved in.

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44 minutes ago, carterb said:


Bid to US $5,600.00

I was going to bid on that one, but the price was just a bit too zany.

It looks like a pretty easy car to get back on the road, but it seems like the current owner thought so too, and gave up (the thermostat housing is connected in one picture and gone in another. ...I wonder why they threw in the towel, and didn't reassemble it a bit for the pictures.)

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