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Got a 521 the sec I seen er. O the joy of pre-smog!


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1971 Datsun 510 4dr $10,000 to open




Since I've owned the car (May 2012), this is what I've done to it:


1) Rebuilt front end (ball joints, inner and outer tie rods, idler arm, all but the center link, but I have that part to include)

2) Rebuilt front calipers, new pads, rotors did not need turning, still nice and thick. Replaced bearings and seals. Also, rebuilt rear drum brake calipers and shoes, springs. New master brake cylinder installed.

3) Rebuilt front suspension with new stock type McPherson front struts and Nismo springs (Nissan performance division). Rear suspension rebuilt with inflatable shocks and D50 springs.

4) New stock fuel pump, new dual fuel lines and linkages leading to dual SU carbs. Fabricated air cleaner made by Mr Marshall (local 510 guru). All works very well. Periodically add Marvel Mystery Oil into top of the SUs.

5) Installed 5-speed tranny from 1981 Nissan pick-up, rebuilt by Marshall. Shortened drive shaft, new U-joints and rear tranny seal. New clutch on that 5-speed while I had it out.

6) New exhaust system by Nathan Marshall. Special extended 2 into 1 hand-made header, new resonator and muffler.

7) New Futofab anti-sway bar in front and rear.

😎 New Kumho tires on 70s era turbine mags, originally for 240Z cars (I'm told...from Marshall's parts pile). Stock wheels, hubcaps and new Kumho tires come with the car in case you want to go stock (see picture). Tires have been stored in the dark, filled with nitrogen, good as new.

9) Interior essentially unchanged post restoration. Going to 5-speed, the shifter moved rear about 3-4" and I had to cut the carpet. Typical cracks in the dashboard.

10) Trunk in good shape. Lid has a crack in the paint (see picture). Looks like body putty may have been used here at some point? 

11) Body has some "cancer" (rust bubbles) here and there which I've tried to photograph. The underside is still in excellent shape. Overall, the body and paint have held up well.

12) New chrome rear bumper from Futofab, look like stock only better (thicker and no center seam, which always rusts).

13) New front and rear OEM window gaskets installed. Front has a chrome insert that I could not get in, but obviously it comes with it…maybe buyer can?


Obviously, odometer is what it is...who knows?


Included is a fresh L16 rebuilt engine. The present engine is strong and doesn't use oil. I just had an extra sitting in my crawlspace and thought I'd throw it into the deal to help sell the car. It's an excellent rebuild job. Also included, you can see the rear panel has cracking. I'm including a Futofab rear panel in case the buyer wants to replace this panel sooner or later.


This has been an excellent car. Everywhere you go in this car, people will wave at you, smile at you, want to talk to you, tell you about the Datsun they had or their mother had. I'm getting over the hill to continue crawling around under it. Thanks for your interest.



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1972 Datsun 510 2dr  $8,999 to open




Up for sale is a Datsun 510 that I have owned on and off over the years. Got this car in 2005 from an older man that had not driven the car since the late 80's. Car was originally painted a green color from the factory but was painted white at some point. Cleaned out gas tank and put new rubber fuel hoses and fuel filler neck hose on. Rebuilt brake and clutch master cylinder, clutch slave and replaced rear drum wheel cylinders and got brakes working. Car has Weber 2 barrel downdraft carburetor L16 motor, manual transmission and aluminum wheels. Front driver floor pan has a "For Sale" sign installed by previous owner covering hole. Passenger floor pan has some rust holes and will need to be replaced as well as the drivers if it is to look original. Rear seat floor pans are in good shape, a little rust around the body plugs. Spare tire well was rusted out and has had a patch welded in by previous owner, see pic. Left and right rear quarters have some damage, see pics. Hood had rust around the latch and had hood pins put in. Frame of car is in great shape. Rear seat cover separating at the seams. Got everything working on the car and was daily driven occasionally over a couple of years. Tried to keep car as original as possible and use factory parts. I Sold the car in 2008 and bought it back in 2011 from different person. Car was still running but rear differential had a cracked spider gear and will need fixing before driving. I put the car into storage and have not had time to work on the car since then.



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@carterb, interesting that you put those last two 510's next to each other, the first mustard 510 looks like a gem with only a few issues at $10k whereas the second white 510 is a disaster at the low low price of $9k

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24 minutes ago, grannyknot said:

@carterb, interesting that you put those last two 510's next to each other, the first mustard 510 looks like a gem with only a few issues at $10k whereas the second white 510 is a disaster at the low low price of $9k


Did you look closely at the mustard?  Lots of cancer and bad body work.  It's also a 4 dr compared to the 2 dr.

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