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6 hours ago, carterb said:



I am almost positve i got a story on this thing. 

My brother tried buying that about 2004(?) ,, it was owned by a dude in the hills outside Centralia that had either bought it new or pert-near new.. First time we asked him it was " i'll take $1600. but let me clean it out" .. We went back about a month later and he said $2000. ,, was still a pretty decent deal because at the time it was all there and in running condition ,, ( a pretty nice car other than huge dent in the side)  not like it is now.. BUT it was the principle of the thing . 


Anyways,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Brother got a nicer 4door ,, way the heck cheaper,,  and away he goes. 

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19 minutes ago, carterb said:


It's mine - be sure and look at the damage to the front of the car and consider that most everything was removed from the engine bay in preparation for paint. Overall a very solid car though.

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The infamous Hako-Sunny truck is for sale.  Just pennies under $40k..




His previous auction had a "buy-it-now: price for $68k, but it appears he's reconsidered..

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Two 521 trucks, package deal.  As the ad states, I also have some L-20b motors, transmissions and 521 parts available.



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