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Car auction website.


Details say that it is a Diesel Maxima! (California)


None of the pics confirm it for me, but they do show the VIN. Maybe you can run the VIN to check.


If you want the LD28 crank, this may be the only way to get one for less than $1200.






With this website you need to register ahead of time and get approval to bid. There is a flat fee of $250 per car that you win the bid on.

Diesel badges on the bottom of the fenders. The diesel maximas only had those.

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1979 Datsun 210 Hatchback[/size] - $1200[/size][/size]

Car belonged to a guy I worked with about ten years ago. He would drive it to the shop and tease me about it not being for sale. It was on craigslist a few years after I left that job but was listed as non-running and I think the price was higher! When I knew the car, it was near Apache, Oklahoma (many miles away from OKC) and in a more "rustic" setting. I'm 90% the owner of the car now is not the guy I knew but can't mistake the car itself. I see the ass of a Datsun roadster in the garage so the new owner must be a fan of the breed.

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