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POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

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wow  thanks for anouncing this is back ... wooooo hoooooooo

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Oh sweet mother of god... why do I not have money for these right now? WHY?! :(

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This guy has almost everything for a 620 truck except the body, dash, and frame. Gauges, wiring harness, lights, trans, beautiful orig black console with delete plate, gobs of stuff in nice shape.  77 CA running 620 truck had too much back fees and DMV woulnd't budge, so he is parting it out. Very reasonable prices. He needs it gone ASAP.


He also has the complete AC for a 79 wagon that had a L20b motor. Engine AC parts might work for 620?


Also has a roof rack he says is for a 510.


He can't receive calls. Email is best way to reach him, then he'll call you back.   yotafied1@hotmail.com




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Like I said for a jeep maybe ,a guy in Whittier has a chop top 510 maybe we can mold his roof and make removable hardtop.

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^^^^ newbie found a way to post his car for sale

Props!!! there is always a loophole

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