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So, I bought this goon ..........

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Time for the windshield to come out. Put tape all around the outside and do some careful cutting.




Took my time doing this so as not to scratch any paint or slice myself wide open should the blade come free. Used both hands for stability.


After making those cuts, the trim lifted right out.



Then I started to make some cuts to find the edge of the glass.


Once that part is complete, the glass will lift right out, and with any luck it will be in one piece.

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Windshield out.



Cleaned up and ready for storage.....hope I have enough room in the windshield box.



Pretty sure this mirror is original.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Well did a little bit of work today......


Pulled these Obi Wans off.

Damn, they are a bit dirty.


Little bit of simple green and some Q tips......


Then, how in the French toast does this damn thing come off? It seems to be stuck in the middle where the turn indicators are.


Pretty sure the indicator lamps are holding it back but I can't get my dick skinners back there to remove them. I also think there should be enough harness to let it move in order to disconnect it. I am missing something and I am sure it is one of those "gees I can't believe I missed that" type of deals.

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Welp, guess that is on the agenda for tomorrow. I do have a set of needle nose that are about half as long as my mothereffing arm so........


The windshield is out so that helps a little but it seems there is a metal plate that will keep me from going in that way.  Gonna try it from the center where the heater controls are.  I can't help but think the whole thing should come out then disconnect the harness.  I have this piece out of the 4 DR and do not see where the indicator lamps would cause this issue.


Communist bastards that they are.


Edit: Space Odyssey post .............2001

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Trying to dig up some of the old pics...

On the dollies at the old house.


It appears at least I have installed one door weatherstrip.


Where she had to live for about a year until we found the new place.



Still trying to figure out what pics are what on previous pages....might work, might not.


In the top left corner of the edit screen tool bar is a Button (BBCode Mode), Click that and it will show the picture name/code. Makes it easier to find the pictures.

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So, the dash is out.



AND, I was sure I took these two screw out. Seems that I am the "Eternal 510 Newb". Geez Louise.


Gee, no wonder I couldn't get the instrument cluster out.

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Gee, no wonder I couldn't get the instrument cluster out.


Wish I had seen this sooner, because that is exactly what I would have said to check first...   ^_^




I tell everyone I sell a 510 to, call me me if you have any questions. No one ever calls...   :P

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The jacked up part about it is that I was positive I had removed them and with the crappy flashlight I was using and the ol' bifocals not in the right spot....well.

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Got me enough glass run to do at least 2 doors. I am wondering which would be easier.....door on or off of the car.  Pretty sure the glass will need to come out(think I did the 1200 that way).



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Pretty sure the glass will need to come out(think I did the 1200 that way).


You do need the glass out, but it's a bit easier to remove on this than it is on the 1200. I would leave the doors on the car. 

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Well, if you insist...a year and 5 or 6 months later. Or  a little over 2 years depending on your perspective.

With the W/S out and the seal removed, some rust spots were revealed.




What to do? Well, I am not a body/paint guy by any stretch of the imagination. So, off to the body shop we go.


This  is what has been keeping me from moving forward on this one(sure THAT is the reason). I do have just about everything to get this on the road....7 years I've had this thing.

Anywho, when I decided (read: the Commanding Officer said I could) to send it to the body shop, I ordered all of the rubbers needed to move ahead with some reassembly. So this thread may become active again (Don't hold your breath).


On a side note, Missus Kelmo found a 510 in our area and sent me pics....which I took to mean I should get another Datto.

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That is exactly what I was thinking.

Then again, my wife is cool as shit when in comes to letting me acquire more Dattos's. She did say I couldn't have more than 1 non running Datsun at a time...currently have 3 that don't run.

She is starting to wear my pussy out about the Goon tho...

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  • 2 months later...

Datsport order came in a few weeks back.


Found these little buggers.


Got a wild hair and started doing some cleaning.


Now I'm just waiting for that slow bastard to finish the 1200 Coupe. Oh, wait, that's me. Dammit.

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In another thread I said "Watch, Hold on."


What with all them rubbers from Datsport here and the Grey Coupe on temporary hold.....


Let's put in the hood bumpers. What? I gotta take the fenders off to do that proper? Let me take a look at that later.


How about the rear door? Need glass run. Cool, let's take out the rear door glass. Um, looks like that 1/4 glass needs to come out first.  The door glass will only go down to a certain point even with the lower stopper taken out. This remind me a lot of vent glass on a 1200 door. My other thought is to get the regulator unattached and then remove the glass.

Imma look at this whilst nursing another Pendleton and Ginger Ale. Either way, both are coming out as I have rubbers for all of this.

Pics later.

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Rear glass run on hold...too far in the bottle. How about inner window seal (squeegee spelling..who cares).


Needed some trimming on the front end.



Came up about 3-4 mm short at the end, but hey.


Tomorrow I'll take another look at the rear door.


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I think, other than the rear glass and weatherstrip, this is the first part installed since 2013.

Headliner needs to go in to be able to really get going on this deal. Really not looking forward to that.


I have just about everything to put this thing together. Right now I am really only lacking some front suspension bits. Seriously looking at T3 stuff.

The rear diff is out of a 200SX and is not centered. Wondering if I need to center that. Have heard that Goon's rear ends are a bit off side to side(well, so am I). Gotta look into that.

Also need to figure out some seating...Later on down the road.

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Hood bumper replacement time.


Required tools. Who knew vaseline had an automotive use.


Was about 108 degrees in the shop today which either made this easier to install or harder, I couldn't tell for sure.



Set of belt mouldings that I got from Duncan. Post date on the box was Dec 2014. Six years later I am ready to use them.


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On 7/11/2020 at 9:29 PM, KELMO said:

The rear diff is out of a 200SX and is not centered. Wondering if I need to center that. Have heard that Goon's rear ends are a bit off side to side(well, so am I). Gotta look into that.


Did you do that? I don't remember doing that, and I was the only person to ever work on it besides you...


Does it have rear discs? 

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