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Anyone seen any 610s floating around the nw?

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Just curious if anyone has seen any 610s for sale floating around the northwest. I've been tossing around some ideas for a project, and I saw a 610 a while back at the jyard and thought it would be a pretty cool car to play with. I'm not having great luck finding a straight 240z shell right now, so I figure maybe I will venture into other datuns.

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There's one in the U-Pull-It in Tualatin/Sherwood. I Dont know if they sell cars once they hit the yard but it is still pretty complete. As of yesterday afternoon it was missing the steering wheel, carb and grille. Body was above average for it's age and it had an intact L20B and 4-speed. The rest of the row was pretty picked over so I suspect it will see the crusher soon.

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That 610 shell in the tigard LKQ yard would be worth trying to put back together if they would sell it.


I might even consider donating back the part i took from it..


Pretty clean straigh car. Didnt understand why it was in the junk yard.



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I told a friend that crushes cars for a living to try and find me one, since he always runs across datto's. In the last 3 years he has only found one 2 door and he said it was a tweeker!! AKA beat down and scary just thinking about what might be inside it:eek::eek: I want one though :D

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ice house did you see the beautiful one i posted not to long ago right hand drive with factory efi 5 speed it was a beauty if i had $12,000 i would buy it


I think I saw it, was it in that thread you guys started thats like 5 pages long?

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