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E85 fuel

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in sandiego E85 is for sale i have not try it thro ,,i herd that it hard or low grade cast alum {such as weber carbs } it causes the metal to break down in the float bowls, also softens rubber fuel lines,,

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Used to run ethonal in a lot of my old atc's it is pretty hard on carbs basiclly if the bike sat anylonger than about a week it would corrode the carb.teflon orings, and teflon gaskets are a must if your going to run it for any period of time.its not really any better than gasoline mileage to price wise cause you use more of it but you can build good power on it.

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usually you need EFI to convert to run e85. Although no one has really done any emissions testing on gas vehicles converting to e85. So by running it on a converted gas car it could be worse than just running gas.


I used to work for a station that sold it and I've seen SUV's that are E85 compatible save almost $25-30 on a tank of gas filling up on e85.


if your car was not made to run e85 and hasn't been converted it will likely not run or run horribly.


Also I think it corrodes certain types of aluminum?


Oh and finding it near you:



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I have yet to try e85 in any of my vehicles, but some of my friends have tried it and love it. My friend Gary runs a mix of e85 and regular gas (be it reg or supreme I'm not sure), he got my friend to try it in his turbo tercel and they both swear on running a mix.

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