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Car Art By Spoona_Jay21

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Nice work brother. Keep it up!

Thanks man! i try my best for realism. my mind won't let me do anything else :rofl:


Back in the Saddle. I had a small problem with my depression again... and lack of motivation... so here we are! Line art will be done TODAY! IDGAF if i don't sleep tonight. will be done!



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Dude, sleep. You might set off the depression again with being exhausted. At least I do sometimes

Took your advice! then the weekend ran away from me.... lol


Slow but sure! 99.3% of the line art is done, just have to finish the Vinyls on the Windshield.



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i'm hoping you don't hate that decal as much as a 620 grill when you're done


i'm a nerd, that was a great show


Sadly.. i don't


the problem with the 620 grille, was it was the same repetitive line, OVER AND OVER :rofl: and of course, just like a message, it slowly gets distorted the further from the epicenter you go :hmm:


Anyway, got the line art DONE! so here is the best i can get on the Window vinyl, hope it is good enough, Should look better once the shading comes in.




(didn't actually realize how crappy that pic was...)


looks good too, damn wish i had some skills, any at all would be nice



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