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Skibs 240Z


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Hey guys, a little intro to myself and my Z. I live in OR, about midway between Salem and Portland and im a member of NorthWestZ. The 240 is my second Z and Iv had it about 5months with alot of work done and alot more to go lol.





Performance Mods: ZX 5 speed, header/full exhaust, stripped emisstions, L26 with 4screw round tops (for now), K&N cone filters, stiffer/lower springs

Interior Mods: radar/lidar detector, 2 6x9 boxes, CD/AUX, custom fiberglass cup holder directly replacing the ash tray:D

Exterior Mods: shaved emblems, shaved pass mirror, hand stenciled hood emblem and rat graphics





just rattled flat black for now, i just wanted it one color. not to bad for $30.




shaved pass. mirror.



the 240 and AE86 making the ZX look good:lol:



PO had glued the hood emblem on so i just painted a new on insted.

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this is a bit out dated so heres the major updates:


the LED emblem is on and comes on with the running lights and headlights






shaved the side markers





still taking shape :D


at the NWZ show n' shine





mmmm L28et build:lol:







Ill be ordering some ARP rod bolts, main bearing set, rod bearing set, piston rings and some gaskets in the near future.

So then Ill be abel to get the bottom end together and move on to pulling the valves from the P90 so it can get a good cleaning, lap the valves, and some gasket matched porting.




and Im waiting for the ZX snowflakes and few other bits to come back from the bead blasters.



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so that is the Anarchist Rat?


not an anarchist rat, he started painting rats and its what he became known for. lol i had the design and was to lazy to make my own at the time.




and in new news :D got my stuff back from the blaster





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What are your plans for the wheels? I painted the centers on mine bronze, and polished the lips to an almost mirror finish.



sounds like a nice combo, pics:D



I just just shot them with some clear coat yesterday and Im going to get the tires mounted today. The clear darkend up the rougher aluminum, think it came out nice :D




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