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another '73 620... sheesh!!


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Are we sick of 620's yet...?



here's a pic from the day I brought it home-



After it was lowered-



How it got it's original nickname (HotRodDeluxe, the window sticker, since removed)-



Pic of the hood, grill removed (headlight rings were broken previously, now replaced along with the old-style grill)



After the rim/hubcap change-



And .......

a concept picture-

Notice the vent windows, single headlight grill (STEROID GETS CREDIT FOR THAT IDEA, Thank you very much sir, apologies for copycat-ing), narrowed fullsize chevy bumper mounted lower than the datsun bumper, visor (clear blue plastic sheet), and custom taillights/smoothed tailgate.



I now have acquired the two grills needed for making the single headlight grill, vent windows from a 521 (half-price @ Pick 'n Pull! Score!), a slider rear window (from a '78 Ford Courier, free, it'll work) and a way cool rear bumper, which is actually the front bumper of another car.


So all I have left to get is:

The front (chevy?) bumper, materials to make the visor (clear plastic, tubing/pipe, flat stock for a mount), steel sheet for a smooth tailgate, bondo to fill the factory bumper "dent" up front, and taillights... which I still haven't decided on (and a welder to narrow those oversize bumpers).


I'm hoping to have this all completed around new years, the real trick will be keeping it running the whole time while I'm customizing.

If this sounds like too much, let me just say this is not my first customization, and so far on this 620 I've already....


pulled/reinstalled the motor 4-5 times, (got it running again each time)

set the timing several times (1st dual points, then E.I., thanks for the video Hainz!)

installed a tach

Replaced the clutch,

replaced the flexible clutch line (whoops, that gets disconnected:()

switched the seat and passenger side seat belt,

switched the steering wheel,

replaced the water-pump (roadside repair!)

switched the trans/driveshaft (shorttail to longtail '79 280z)

switched the carb (holleys rock, stuck hitachi's don't!)

added a 3rd brakelight

replaced the carrier bearing

replaced the rear differential spreader brakeline


And I know I'm forgetting a few things... (like painting that silly hood, for instance)


I'll also be on the lookout for a LSD rearend in which I won't have to switch to an independant rear suspension, but since I saw that "switching your 620 to a 510 rear end" article I might just consider running adapters ... but that won't be for a long while...


So... What do ya think?

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Aww shucks, thanks for all the praise guys, I really do appreciate it.

It turns heads alotta the time, but I'm not always sure if it's for the right reasons..? But if other datsun guys dig it,


(double thumbs up) Aaaaayyyy- alrighhht, :cool:



I'm gonna be thinking about running steroids visors. I planned on making my own, but who knows? I might change plans.


My whole idea behind building/driving this beast is having a "rat rod" type ride that is actually cheap. Cheap on purchase, cheap on gas, cheap on fun!

It confuses the hell outta me when guys take an old car that's worth $$$$$ (hot rod or otherwise) and make it look less valuable (I've seen guys ruin nice paint jobs just for the "rat" look. WHY???).

Whitewalls I understand, ruining a good paint job I just don't. :confused:


I figure, I'll start with 'the flame' and just keep upgrading it til it rocks! Don't really plan on ever painting it "nice", there's just too much body damage, dings and dents for all that. So I figure, if it can never really be a "show car", I'll just make it as cool as I can possibly imagine.



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So I figure, if it can never really be a "show car", I'll just make it as cool as I can possibly imagine. :D


define show car? Ive "showed" my stock and org 620 at some local car shows and got the wtf are you doing here look, a show car is not what it looks like on the outside, its whats been done to it from the owners heart that makes it a show car...btw I love the way the flame looks:cool:

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The flames are pretty cool, they definitely catch your eye!

I'm thinking of leaving the hood and going back to the classic green (or as close as I can get), and then painting a silly cartoon character (of my own design) on the tailgate, along with a new name. I've been trying to come up with a name besides "the green mo'sheen", but I seem to be stuck on that.:blink:


I guess I should have said "indoor, never driven, spend-thousands-of-dollars-so-you-can-win-a-$10-trophy show car", but I like your definition waayy more. :)


Oh, and your post on the "how low can you go" with the fellow employee cracked me up! Like he even had a chance!!:lol:

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ahh kinda like the guys who spend a 100k to restore a hemi roadrunner and bring it to a show on a trailer. hell if i spent that much money on a damn car, i would drive the fucker :lol: I know how it is when it comes to naming a truck, I couldnt pick a name for mine for the longest time, so now I just refer to her as her or bullet

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:D Love the feedback!!


No, those aren't LED's. That's the 3rd brakelight (more people who need to see 3 lights everyday;))


I got them at a custom auto place, can't recall what they were marketed as.



So, now the bad news-

The "new" clutch bearing I swapped in makes more noise than the old one,

(any idea's on this? I'm thinking I might have to go down to Sacramento to a bearing supply store to see if I can find one that IS new...??)


And the oil pump needs to be pulled out and the ignition drive gear needs to be retarded... I'm idling at about 1500-1800 rpms!! Just a-wasting that gas...:mad:


AND I haven'y fixed any of the oil leaks... Is there a seal in the driveshaft where it meets the trans? Cause if there's supposed to be, mine is missing...

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The lights are cool 'cause they ground-out on themselves... I just hooked all four together and ran a line (around the top of the headliner, down to the pedals) to the electrical brake switch in the cab behind the pedals... got it wrong the 1st time and they went OFF when I braked:o!! just had to change sides on the brake switch,

This is the actually the first "vintage ride" I've added a 3rd brakelight too, but I doubt it will be the last! "Average people" get so confused w/o one----



Thanks, I agree, it looks too awkward w/o a grill, and the high beam lights totally help trim things down (which is good in a minitruck), although for a while I will say I was "dreaming" of it being a late 60's muscle-car with the lack of grill and single headlights...:rolleyes:

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truck looks awsome love the wheels and the 3rd brake light on the t/o bearing just go to the local parts house and order a clutch kit its only $100 and you get a new clutch and the t/o bearing (if your gonna have it that far apart might as well do the clutch)

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Agreed! I do like the "bullets" more than the "moons", it just seems to make the wheels a bit more interesting



Thanks! The 3rd brakelight was supposed to be only 3 "bullet lights", but after I drilled 3 holes I noticed... "whoops, way off center", so now the 4th one makes it pretty even I think. I agree with what you say on the kit, but the funniest part is I just replaced everything with a kit! Well, maybe "funny" isn't the right word, but what you say makes perfect sense ("do it all at once when it's apart")



Took it out today and I noticed the bearing isn't quite as bad as I thought- It still seems pretty ridiculous that it was purchased as a "new" bearing :mad:

But I should've taken it back when I saw the wrapper it was in was already opened... :eek:


Still alot left to do before I can really start "making it cool", need to pull the oil pump and re-insert the ignition drive gear spindle (did I say that right?), it's still way too advanced with the E.I. dist.; After that I need to start locating and FIXING all my golly-gosh-darn oil leaks (it's like finding Waldo:D), figure out what to do about the clutch bearing, re-check (raise??) my suspension (the lowest part has maybe 2inches clearance? gets a lil spooky sometimes on rough roads) AND I still need to do a few other things (valve adjustment, change diff. oil, check/adjust brakes[parking brake too], get a longer speedo cable, fix the headlights, new shocks, and I hope that's it!)

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