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DIY 510 outer window squeegee

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so I've searched and have found a couple ways to do this, mine seems to have been the cheapest and easiest for a DIY.


Total cost of materials was just under 30 $ usd



the 9' of rubber will repair all 4 doors on the 510 wagon




-clothes pins
-adhesive (auto)
-garage door bottom seal 9 FT.
- 1/2 in. (or smaller if you can) flat top sheet metal screws



-5/64 drill bit
-flat head
-atleast 2 ft.straight edge ruler (or like)
-piece of 80gt sand paper









So first of all start off by removing the old squeegee.

to do this, roll your window all the way down, take a flat head screw driver, and from the inside start to leverage(pry) a little bit at a time along the entire length of the chrome trim piece that the squeegee is stapled to until it pops off.



now get the old rubber out

this can be frustrating, as most likely your staples are rusted, bend the old curled staple fingers straight as possible, than get a flat head under the other side of the staple work it up and off of the metal strip. some may be stubborn so just be patient and be careful!



after removing old rubber


proceed to clean the backside of the chrome trim piece using the 80gt sandpaper.


after that, choose one of the staple holes from each of the staples. drill a 5/64 hole in the holes chosen.
drill a hole in the corresponding staple holes along the metal strip.


now get your garage strip, you must cut it to length. my strip was about 28 inches (for the front doors). you might want to cut a little more, so you have room to work with it.



 get your cut strip, and than cut it flush so that it will set on to the chrome trim piece.



now you want to glue your new rubber to the chrome trim with the L shape facing the window (duh)
with the adhesive less is moreDSC_1169.jpg




once the strip is glued straighten it out so the elbow of the rubber butts up against the lip on the chrome than place your clothes pins accordingly to keep pressure




let dry for recommended time blah blah





 once dry take your metal strip, line up the holes that you drilled, set your screws i am going to replace the screws you see in the pics.since the button head ones would prevent the window mount from going all the way up by a hair (1/16 of an inch or smaller) flat head screws will prevent this.






now depending on how long of screws you get you will have to file down (dremel or snip) the points not much but enough to clear the metal on the door.

than carefully see if it works and if not adjust what doesn't











I'm happy with it



Edit: i should mention if you do not keep the elbow of the new rubber, under the lip of the chrome trim you will run into an issue of the squeegee sealing to far against the window and will be tough to roll down, 


so pay close attention when and where your gluing the rubber to the metal,


i rushed the pass. side and  and found this out, fixed when i moved the rubber elbow below the lip ...

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fuck i dont know what happend


every thing just turned to html code when i posted 



edit just cleaned it up will add pics later 




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Sounds like a good fix.  Should be adaptable to other vehicle models also.  Creativity keeps old Datsuns running.

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fuck i dont know what happend


every thing just turned to html code when i posted 



edit just cleaned it up will add pics later 




That shit always happens to me too. I have been copying the ad before I post it just in case that happens.. cause it SUUUUUUCKS fixing it..


Now.. how about those pics you were talkin' boot.

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this is sweet

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Very nice Ratsun replacement. Good Job!

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I think the Hang510 method is long lost on this forum...


Hang glued wiper blade refills to the outer trim...

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this is great. now what about the inner? haha.

i need all the rubbers for my windows replaced. this seems like an easier replacement 

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