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WTB L20B please

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I blew up my L20B, it's quite the task to swap and it's even harder to find motors here.


I'm located in Indiana so I need something close by or someone willing to ship.


I don't want anything all souped up, I don't have that cash, something stock from where someone else has swapped would be fine.  MUST RUN, I have a motor that doesn't run already, don't need another one, just trying to avoid a rebuild as I live in an apartment complex and have NO garage access or engine stand, only access to a "cherry picker".


Please let me know if you have anything laying around, or if you are near the area and want to help rebuild an L20B.


812 seven 6 seven - 1 five 2 six


Texts and phone calls welcome, prefer texts.  Let me know how much you want, I will attempt to come up with the cash.

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whats wrong with your current motor? L series are easy to work on and fairly simple - it would probably be easier to fix it then swap it 

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