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Rustlessness is next to Godliness s30

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Snagged a 1972 S30 for $900 today!!  Ive been keeping my eyes out for a while and i finally pounced on one!


The Bad
quite a bit of rust... =( nothing beyond fixing tho.

cracked windshield, (but im so used to my 521's nasty old cracked, chipped, delaminated windshield that 1 crack doesnt bother me for the time being)

interior is..... not.... in the best condition

rubber is mostly going to need replacing

clutch is on its way out

smokes a little.

The Good

round top SUs

EL distributor

runs/ drives pretty decently
transmssion seems pretty solid

wiring seems surprisingly intact and original.

Riken mesh wheels =) 

good tags

clean title


the best part of all? its a 240z!!!!

its going to be a serious project, but the thing i like about it is that its a 240 but its far from perfect so i wont feel like i have to restore it to a perfect original numbers matching sort of thing.



OICS  \/




































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Wow that dash area is wasted.. :rofl:


Having got that off my chest,,,,,,,, if she runs and drives i say that`s a pretty outstanding deal for $900. bucks . get yourself some good tread and the ride should be way better than the truck for sure.


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holy decay!!!!!  With you being on the west coast, I would call that a parts car bro.  Good luck with the resto!

Trust me thats a parts car on the east coast too lol. 


Good for you though man save it from the wrecking yard. 

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If you go looking for a parts car you will probably find something that you end up saving and parting this. Just saying because we've all been there.


Always great to see a 240Z saved though, so I hope it works out for the best

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I LOVE IT! Hell leave it ratty, it adds character I mean obviously fix things that NEED fixin, and mod it with some cool chit. Lower it and so on.


AAnnnnyyyywaaaayyy. Love it man, hope too see more progress!

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so, im at school and i dont have many tools with me, unfortunately. i also dont have much free time, but im getting done what i can.

The whole car was covered with super nasty thick maroon paint that looks like it was burnt because its all bubbly and weird, 

luckily the guy who had it before me got a pretty serious amount of it off the roof, hood, and front fenders. but theirs still a lot to go. so ive been using a paint scraper,  this is a terrible picture, there is no rust on the rear quarter except for a little on the wheel arches, its all smooth but the pain makes it look bad.





ground down some of the rust on the trunk lid.... its pretty far gone, ill patch it up temporarilly untill i can get a replacement





matting is coming up in the trunk, again the picture makes it look a thousand times worse than it is, im actually pretty releaved, i was expecting worse



cleaned up the engine bay a little bit, everything had a layer of red paint dust. 




master cyl looks like it was recently replaced =)




dash area cleaned up a little, still needs a cap tho.



this is the kind of cap im looking at, but thats a ways out










stainless finally seeing the light of day again




sprayed some primer on the bare metal



tire well is not bad... ive seen a lot worse.




all in all, its not to bad, and its moving pretty fast. tho you may have noticed the lack of floor pan oics .... they.... well.... we'll just wait for the inevitable, dramatic, before / after shot...  =)

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Why not use aircraft stripper? Then lay a coat of primer down for the summer. You saw what it did to my wheels. Plus its neutralized by water. I guess it might be a bit messy for where you live at the moment...

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I wouldnt bother with the dash cap, get it redone, or redo it yourself, those dash caps never look good,recover that thing and you will be the envy of every datsun z owner I have ever seen almost.


how does the underside look? crushed in frame rails? floor boards rusted through? how bad is it?

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probably not this year i dont think i can put two cars on insurance, but next year for sure,... unless you can get a trailer =)  but you will def see it soon. possibly 2 weeks? for sure in a month.

anyway, turns out floor pans are not super expensive, ima grab a passenger side for now, I think i can save the driver side. plus i think i figured out why someone cut that hole in my dash, i lost the picture but i found someone who put a gague cluster right above the glovebox.

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sorry i totally abandoned this thread lol.  heres some current pics of the car,

replaced the whole interior
new rear hatch
new wheels (Work Equip 01 1pice 14"s)
engine pulled and bay cleaned / welded up/ painted.
passenger floor cut out and replaced.
entire body stripped to bare metal, 
some body work /patching etc. 
body temporarily painted, bed liner in the wheel wells. 

all in one summer while working full time! phew!! glad thats over with.







and heres my other thread for the car  http://nwdatsuns.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=331

 BOOM! still think its a parts car guys??

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I see you got that lug nut issue taken care of.  


Seriously feeling chumped.  I'm far slower than you...  Though I've got full time job, 2 year old, and pregnant wife.  Car time is certainly limited these days.  


You saved a beautiful car.  Thank you.

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