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Starter selonoid hot....


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I am working on my wiring on my 620 and I couldnt get it to turn over. I went to check the connections and the selonoid was very hot? I am not a electriction or a very mechanical minded person...what am I missing???

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If the solenoid is hot, then it may be getting constant voltage....and it ain't supposed to. Could be bad ignition switch, but how about providing details on what "I am working on my wiring on my 620" means, especially considering "I am not an electrician or a very mechanical minded person."

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The Blue/Yellow stripe wire on the solenoid should only have voltage when the key is in the start position. The solenoid is like a big power switch. The key tells it to connect the big positive cable from the battery to the starter windings. Does it make a clicking sound? Can the motor turn over by hand, not seized up?

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if your leaving the key in the start position for more than 15 seconds without the starter moving it may get hot including the wires. try to turn the engine over by your hands to make sure it's not seized. maybe a seized starter? remove the starter and hook some battery cables to it and see if it works. maybe a bad solenoid? get a free wiring diagram from olddat.com and make sure the wires are going to the right spots. good luck.

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