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super tight valve adjustment

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so i'm checking my valve clearance for fun and the slimmest feeler i have is a .006 and i cant get it through the space.:confused: and thats with the engine cold. it does idle rough and i'm hoping adjusting these will help a little.


it's a w53 head on a l16. .010intake and .012exhaust are what i'm going to try with it cold. i'll be back in a few to share. is there any reason one would have the the clearance so tight. i cant even wiggle the arms and yes thats with the lob's up. i'm guessing there at close to .0000 clearance.

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wow! it idles much smoother now. it even raised the idle for some reason. adjusting them was easy and fun and that was my first time.:)


for reference though as other people will say after adjusting, the 14mm stud will follow the 17mm tightening nut when tightening and even if it doesn't the act of tightening the 17mm nut will slightly affect the clearance a little so always recheck the clearance after you tighten the 17mm luck nut.

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Uh, maybe I misunderstand, but with the lobes up, wouldn't that cause the valves to be open?


On the Z series motor, yes.


10 and 12 thou is the hot setting, cold is 8 and 10 thou. Too wide is better than too tight. You could tighten them a bit more if they are too noisy.

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i just did mine this morning as well. .008 is what i set mine to. with a little drag but still fairly easy to remove and insert. that should be perfect. my kid right now is cleaning the valve cover so i can reinstall it. the only car i ahve ever had that was easier to adjust the valves was my 75 corrola. everything was right there on top. no hoses or cam towers to get in the way. made life so easy.

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So far the easiest to adjust is my 1975 20r Celica...you loosen the nut and turn the top screw (either way to tigthen or losen the clearance) vs Datsun L16-L20, where you need 2 open ended 14 mm and 17 mm. Sometimes the Datsun gets tricky because when you tighten the bolt you end up tigthening the valve clearance as well and the 14 mm and 17 mm wrench makes contact so what I did is I had my friend use an electric sander to make the open ended part thinner;)

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:eek: thin and short ?!? ...is better :lol:


Long an thin goes too far in...

Short and thick, does the trick!


For the Z engines, slip a box end over the nut and loosen, and adjust with a flat bladed screw driver, tighten. Nice!

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