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Datsun/L-series stuff

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stuff for sale:

-L18 bottom end, clean/good pistons, rings, bearings, etc...(was going to drop in my 510 but chose to do something else) just needs to throw a head on and you're set.

-L16 /w W53 head. not sure if it's been bored, or rebuilt. only moddifications known is the head swap.

-U67 head. off of an L20b.


some misc parts such as:


-driver's side sedan front & rear doors. not usable, but good glass, lock mechanisms, handles, etc. just really dented up.

-a couple interior door panels. if interested, i'll check which ones and such...

-a few other little things, not sure exactly what's left. email with questions.


all items are typical, engine parts are engine parts, nothing wrong with them, dirty like all engines. interior parts are fair, as for anything 35+ years old...

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