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Dizy connection.


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I previously had a single point with a rigged up connection to the wiring harness. Now I have a dual point that has a two wire connection that I don't have a mating connector for. So Where should I connect these bad boys, any one know ? I don't have a camera so I can't get pictures.

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why would you swap out a single point dizzy for a dual??


Hey zuum510, please recall:




He's got a dizzy now, and came by and saw mine yesterday. Even I was a little stumped on my configuration (the PO had some wierd stuff going on under the hood, dual point converted to single point, two temp sensors on the housing, etc.) So I could not really help him. My book is for a '73, and he's actually borrowing my Haynes book so I didn't have the diagram for the newer 610s either.

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You could run both sets on one wire. The first set would close to make the connection. The second set would close. The first set would open but because the second set is still closed nothing happens. Finally the second set opens and the coil fires. This is how my '70 340 worked. This increases the dwell time allowing the coil more time to build up it's magnetic field. Timing is set as usual on the opening set of points. On my Dart the opening set wore out faster than the closing set because of the arcing.

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The thermostat housing may have been swapped with one from a Z car. I've seen some with 4-5 senders on them.


You hit the nail on the head, Datzenmike. It was from a Z Car. And it is now gone because all that plumbing interferes with the coolant bypass tube on the SU manifold I have been working on.

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Well I got it all set up hopefully, well it runs pretty good, not sure if it's all proper. Anyways yello620 what type of electic one is it, and how much.


Matchbox type, where possible. Your harness is too much of a train wreck to do a remote setup. I wouldn't even chance it. If you need parts, like a pedestal or harness, they are readily available on ZXs.

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