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Thinking of hosting a BBQ at my shop in Grand Coulee, WA


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I must say,, the drive from Soap lake to Grand Coulee dam is one of the best in the state of Washington.


Agreed! There is so many beautiful back roads around here!


Just passed through Grand Coulee on my way back to Portland :D I'll be moving up that way soon, would be nice to know some Ratsun folks up there. When is this supposed to take place? I'll be headin that way again after Canby.


No one "passes" through Grand Coulee ;) You have to come here intentionally! Are you moving to GC?

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No, moving up near Tonasket/Oroville/Wauconda. I ended up taking a wrong turn and tried to correct it by headin up Hwy 21. Looked good till we got up there a ways and found there's a ferry that only runs 2x a day >:( had to back track a bit and ended up crossing at GC dam. Sucked wasting so much time, but beautiful scenery!

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What month do the apricots in George and what may be the worlds largest cantaloupes ripen? Woulds sure love to buy me some off the back of a truck as long as we`re over that way...I realize this isn`t YELP but i was thinking maybe you could plan it around that time of year..



God i just made myself hungry thinking of buying some Soap lake beat-up chevy truck on the side of the road fruit...

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I'd be up for that. I spent a lot of last spring and summer in Omak/Oroville, know that drive by heart!


I live up by there now. I'm by Beaver Lake between Wauconda and Cheesaw. I hit up Tonasket and Omak pretty often for supplies. I saw an orange 510 in Tonasket the other day, was stoked!!!

I'm very much wanting to do this. Who is down?


Anyone in the surrounding area?


I would wanna cruise down from the above mentioned areas once my goon is rollin. I could bring some of my secret recipe buffalo stuffed burgers to grill, and some homebrewed apple cider :D

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