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DON'T Use Photobucket on Ratsun

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all pictures... gone this means my '74 build also and every post that I used PB pictures.


Fuck Photobucket, Russia and Facebook.



  We get it, you don't like photobucket, let it go. You are starting to whine like you did about the prices at canby in 2016


Fuck Photobucket, Russia, Facebook.and Rick

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Well, looks like Photobucket has jumped the shark. Now they wan't you to pay to be able to use them for a posting service. 


Some have reported that hey want something close to $300 for their service. 


Well, I am done with them and their shitty spotty service. 


Anyone have any recommendations on what to use?





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Trying imgur.



Who designs this shit? Why is it so fucking complicated? Why can't it make sense. Why isn't it simple/easy to use? Why do you have to spend so much time figuring it out?

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Photosucket has been changing over the years and not once has it been for the better.  My stuff seems to be working for now. I've paid for a pro account for probably 11yrs now. No clue if there's a grandfather clause or not.  I was on my PB account just the other day and it seemed to be the same......but when I just pulled it up, they've changed the format again and less than half of the page even loads up.  I've got tons and tons of pics on hard drives here, but if they screw my account too, I seriously doubt I'll even attempt to save any of the threads........and if that happens, I seriously doubt I'll create any more.  99% of my activity is on youtube and IG now anyway.  It's going to really suck if 9200 pics are cut off from being used!!!  I've hated them for years.....just never had a better option or a way to transfer the material.


As for hosting on the forum's servers.....I lost a lot of threads and pics when NWDE shut down.  There's no guarantee that Ratsun will last forever, either.  Sure takes the wind out of the sails for creating new content!

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My plan is to always save my pictures on my computer, even have an external HD for back up. Then load to some picture hosting site (or Ratsun, if this ever happens) This way I have the originals still.

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