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DON'T Use Photobucket on Ratsun

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Wow, ya thanks Wayno, Ghostery works awesome. kill 2 trackers when I refreshed photobucket. No more popups due to Adblock and no more tracking. :thumbup:


I'll second Malwarebytes as well. 


Your Welcome, I only have Ghostery, don't have Adblock as I quit seeing stuff I had just looked at somewhere else so I didn't care.

Ghostery seemed to block everything on the MGE forum as no one can track me so they don't know I am even there???

I do know if I pause Ghostery the MGE forum looks totally different, ads everywhere which didn't really bother me till I started seeing stuff I just looked at on Ebay 5 minutes before, that made me mad, I put an end to that as fast as I figured out how to.


Now that I think about it, I don't see any ads at the Nico forum either, until Photolame showed 52 trackers the other day, Nico had been the worst with 36  trackers, or something like that.

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so I'm new to this forum, but not new to forums by any means. what is up with trying to post pictures here? It won't give me the option to paste in a copied link. And when I try to use the img button or link button it just sits there and does nothing and I have to hit back and it erases all of the post I just typed in. something I'm missing? or is the site just broken for me? should be as easy as copy link, put [/img] around it and done. but if I right click it wont give me a paste option and the little paste button does nothing either 

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Yes, exactly. IF.... we all used PB then this might make more sense. IF we all used the same method, same thing. But everyone does it differently. I found my way by trial and error and simply stick with it because it works and is fast. There may be better ways I don't know. We still get people posting links or whatever the fuck that shit code is called. I'm on one forum where you can take the picture directly from your computer. As for PB the only grouch I have now is I can't find a picture as fast as I used to. You used to be able to load them all and scroll down through them. Now there are separate pages.


Hat is this photo bucket you people speak off, this is my very first time hearing about it.

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Well photolame has sent me a notice that they have restricted my account activity for 3rd party hosting, this means if I post a photo on another website that is a 3rd party(Ratsun) they now have been disabled, at least that is what it says in the email I received from them, and if I pay they will restore what I have had for years.

What a scumbag company Photobucket has become, most of my photos are gone now and they will stay gone unless I pay them, all I have to say to them is...............................


I would say that members on here should be warned not to use Photolame on this forum and the thread should be locked, also any other forums you belong to should also be warned not to use them.


By the way, any photo hosted by Photolame posted to any other website is 3rd party, and I heard on another forum the upgrade is $400.00 to get back to normal.


I repeat, almost all my photos are gone unless I pay them money, photos that have been on here for years.

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