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WTB Pillar Vents '74 620 P/U

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Soo. I'm in the big city and someone decided to steal the passenger side pillar vent offa my '74 620. I mean... Really? Why would you steal a little piece of plastic off my truck? Did I cut you off somewhere?


Anyway. Does anyone know where I can get a new set? Does anybody make replacements? If not, if I can get my hands on a good set I can cast polyurethane replacements and sell them... Prolly like... 30-40 a set I imagine. But I need one for the passenger side!


If someone sees some in a scrap yard I can pay you for the shipping and whatever the part costs with an extra little premium. (From a scrap yard I wouldn't expect to pay very much for a piece of plastic I hope...)


Anyway, thanks guys. I'm so bummed out right now.


-Edward K. A.

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