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Pic's of your Z


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The interior was in great shape and left stock to include the Hitatchi auto seeking AM radio. Only problem was a small tear in the passenger seat and the PO replaced the clock with a digital version.



Here are some engine bay pics




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Interrobang the center caps are Eagle Alloys from Summit Racing. Did some research and a lot of folks running these wheels have used these. Great fit just needed to adjust the locking bits in the back a bit and a they look great. And they were unbelievably priced at $5 bucks a piece.




Thanks for the comment. I like the aggressive dish on the wheels and the fact they are period correct. I got them off Craigslist from a guy that had used them on his SCCA 280Z race car. So the tires are BFG racing tires.

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Seeing all these sweet Zs in here is really making miss my baby...Found these from before I did the carb turbo swap and fiberglass front end.





Nice, where did the car end up?

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Some from our last run....................575036_10200217579614864_1054086753_n.jp












Last one............................69203_10200266407755537_79617247_n.jpg

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GJ on it, someone here was selling 1/3 sections like this because the shell was shot but the sides were good lol. I would def do it if I had a house or permanent place to put it. 

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