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sneak peek: '72 4door


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thought id snap a pic on my phone when i finally saw all the wheels mounted on my dads 4 door. they are 16x8 0 offset. he is workin on the motor thats gonna go in it right now. its an LZ24, 16.1:1 compression, 44mm mikunis w/ long manifold and port matched peanut head and tons of other goodies. hes tryin to get it goin by next weekend for some drift event somewhere in the sea-tac area.


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no clue on the dodge. that pic is in front of my dads friends shop and i think the owner is payin him to restore it once he gets time.


ahh, well if the guy wants to part it out let me know, i need both door guts, somebody jacked mine when the truck was in so cal

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The car looks great!!! What did your dad end up doing for rear springs? did he end up using coilovers or move the upper spring mount? I've always thought about narrowing the rear suspension but never thought it would look that sexy!!! Well done!

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:eek: 16:1! 110+ octane all the time on that puppy! That's going to sound like a beast. Can't wait to see it one day.....even if its just on youtube.



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