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Bad gauge cluster voltage regulator? Easy $2 fix.


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I just put one of these in my car , I was having intermittent fuel and temp guage  one day it worked next minute it didnt 

I am excited to see if this cures my problem 

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Oh man, that looks awesome! Good job! I'm going to do the same thing now!




It does work, and pretty well. Here's a vid. I forgot to post it a while back. I wish there was a way to make it work faster, but I'm just happy it's working.


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Well if it's set up right, I'm almost on E and my temp is bad. At one point

I reversed the 12v and 9v just to cover my

Bases cause Im not wiring guru lol, the fuel registered half a tank and the temp was high.

Turned the car off. After a bit, turned it on, no temp reading.

I'm going to rip my eyes out.

I'll hit it again tomorrow. It's 1:09 am

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The temp gauge still sucks .CLEAN THE SENDER AT THE STAT. could be just a bad sender. I seen them go bad. but hard to get thm out of housing w/o breaking them. I usually just swap a whole another housing to conferm the proplem.

What is the stat?

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The fuel sender is a variable resistor ground.


The temp sender is temperature affected ground.


Back to the basic question!  NO 12 volts is NOT applied to the sensor.  The regulated 8.6 mechanicaly regulated voltage  [or 9 volts if you use the electronic regulated item specified in the basic subject entry!] is applied.  The resultant current flow is applied to the meter which should dampen the almost square wave 8.6 or electronic 9 volts and give a "correct" reading.

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I was wondering if the articular you posted for the cluster voltage regulator was for the 1966 mustang? I was wondering if the original could be replaced in my 1966 ford mustang. they are way to much for the size of them and would really appreciate if you had a chance to reply. would much rather go the way you did but i might need some kind of diagram or some info.

Thank you


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Russ this is a Datsun forum so no it's not for a '66 Mustang... BUT if the Mustang gauges are run from a similar 8.6? volts supply then possibly it could be used for that. A Mustang or Ford forum might have this info.

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thanks, for the reply datz, not sure if my last response made it but back to you, below, one of your members who posted original , had a mustang for one of his cars , and it came up on a search for mustang voltage regulators for gage cluster, thanks again :) intnobiscuit

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