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What did you do to your 720 today?

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^^^ Guy who posted above is a cry baby.



Deciding my 720s fate.  Not looking good at this point.


I see you are still hiding behind your computer monitor talking shit Jizzo! You must have been bullied a lot as a child, that is why you do it so much on the internet now where no one can see you and there is no worry of getting your ass kicked. How childish and pathetic.

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Today I made a spring for my anti dieseling solenoid, and soldered the wire back onto it.

It was tricky finding a spring that fit properly. I had to turn a pull spring into a pusher.


Also pondered on welding the holes up on my muffler/tailpipe.

Thought about charging the a/c.

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Installed a new brake light switch behind the pedal, my brake lights worked sometimes... NOT GOOD!

And got some new stock style mirrors in I ordered from AutoZone earlier in the week. Driver side glass was scratched up so bad I could barely see, and passenger side was N/A. Haven't had one since I bought the truck in summer of 2012. It had one, but it was broken and dangling down. So I just unbolted it. But when the bed is full of stuff, it was aggravating not being able to see on the right! Put them on this afternoon, then went to the dump to throw out my old mattress and mattress store to pick up the new one, and boy, that passenger mirror is handy!


I would upload pics, but Photofuckit is being an asshole!

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Changed the transmission gear oil at my high school auto shop. SENIOR YEAR BABY!


Drain plug was tight as shit though. I broke it looks with a breaker bar and used a cheater bar (floor jack bar) and it broke loose. 




Not a good shot from underneath but I'm changing the diff oil next week so I'll get a better one.  :D



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Last week I loosened up the torsion bars to close up the gap on the front wheels. Pulled 2 inches out and have about 2 inches of wheel gap. Also took another step to cleaning up the engine compartment. Pulling crap off the intake manifold and pluggin holes with bolts. Crazy how simple vacume links can cause huge issues.


This weekend, Clear out more crap from the engine bay. Pulling the AC system since I've got no interest in it. Only part staying is the box in the cabin.

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sincer were talking interchange, got a question... one I should know but my dains brammaged :rofl:


looking to swap my tail light from an 85' 720 donor to my 84' DD 720, but doesn't look right, and its been a while since I posted a dumb question, sooo let er rip!  My oems are sunfaded and im just waiting to get a ticket!


Hopefully someone knows for sure so I can pull and swap when I get home or make any mods..


Love the round headlight conversion above ^^^^^^ , that's pretty sic! what was the donor that made that happen, never seen one like that!


thanks and happy ratsuning

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what I waqs referring to was page 5, interchangables and the round headlight 720 conversion - sorry guys.... didn't realize jus cuz I was reading page five my response would be on 8 and everyone would be like WHAAAAAT is this tool talking about :poop:  :confused:

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<iframe src="https://www.flickr.com/photos/124239908@N02/14306094295/player/e81db295a7" height="500" width="374" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe>


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