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FS: Nissan Pulsar GTI-R

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maybe this is not the proper place for this car but you never know asking $7900


1992 Nissan Pulsar GTI-R


5 spd

tein coilovers

cusco camber plates

17" 5zigen wheels

stock motor/drivetrain

aftermarket ex. mani and intercooler

38mm tial wastgate

no turbo had a t60 on it but sold and had plans to put on gt35r turbo but alas it will be sold for a minvan, pic up soon


note: this is not my car but a friend I'm trying to help liquidate, if I had the money there will be no question I will have it in my house right now as a matter a fact it may be at my house very soon LOL....


serious parties appreciated

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Even more serious: Does it have a clear title?


G-speed in Hawthorne has two GTI-R complete chassis (less engine) for sale $3500 each. They also have engines for sale, conveniently.


But you cannot legally get it registered for street use. You can use for racing.

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good luck with the sale. my dads gti-r clip is on the way from AU right now. that thing was a PITA to get through customs because they didnt want the drivetrain ending up in a street car. i was also curious if there is any way to get one of those registered here.

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if there is a will there is a way, I have seen way too many dc5 integra type r that have been fully cert bec, they say once its in the dmv system there is not much to persue at that point, what one guy did was get all doc. to the chp/referree and they told the person to do all the appropriate measures to bring the car into complaince including giving it a new vin so it can be tracked correctly. you just have to want to go thru all the hoops if you want something that bad, the way I see the car is a se-r hatchback which it really is, just look at the dash/seat/layout, except for the awd system everything is almost deadon. I wouldn't trust most so cal guys that say they have a jdm car fully compliant bec. there seem to be too many holes in the stories and always there is something not quite right about how they did it, I remeber JCCS '07 I had saw some guys gti-r with jdm plates driving the car in long beach!!! Never did get a word from him but its so cal, there is no other place in the us like it well maybe FL, NY, CHI town...

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good luck with the sale. my dads gti-r clip is on the way from AU right now. that thing was a PITA to get through customs because they didnt want the drivetrain ending up in a street car. i was also curious if there is any way to get one of those registered here.


Alabama will register anything. They even registered a Porsche 917 full race car! And it was located in Germany, never even made it to the states! Bottom line, if someone offers an Alabama registered car watch out, it may be a Katrina survivor with a thin coat of paint over the salt crust. Alabame doesn't list prior registrations, used car dealers use it to wash clipped junkers.

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[Alabama] even registered a Porsche 917 full race car!
So will Washington State, so what's the big deal about that? In USA, any old car can be imported and used without emission control or DOT approval.


Alabama won't register for street use, a non-US spec car that is newer than 25 years old.

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has anyone heard of calaveras county before hint hint?


There is such a magical place in cali where there are parts of norcal where unicorns and fuzzy bears live:lol::lol: ok really I couldn't resist but there are parts of cali all over where there is no smog inspection and I was planning to get a PO box and address since I have a friends dad that lives there and shouldn't be a problem when I submit the paperwork oh and btw I plan to purchase the gti-r and have been doing all the paperwork right now just need to get the ref to give me a new vin#-shouldn't be a problem though..

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Calaveras County mailbox won't help -- the problem is not Emission Testing. The problem is with US DOT -- you may not import a car for street use, newer than 25 years unless it is certified for US crash test. Only a very few non-US spec cars have been certified.


So just get a 1982 or older model. No worries. Import away. In California, get a 1974 or older (like my Datsun truck) -- no emission testing required for it.

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there are ways to do the registering. I have never. ever. ever. seen a car like this (imported, never been to the US) wit ha title that says what it is and is actually registered as that. the MotoRex skylines were the only exception.


all the cars I have seen have been "kit car" titles or have been titled as a different car (including VIN swap...very illegal. DONT DO IT). Bottom line with DOT is that if you can 1) get the paperwork done and 2) get the car through emissions and inspection without any hiccups, they will assume everything is legit.

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Like my fairlady Z. When I bought it, the title said 1970 Nissan (not Datsun) 240Z.


Then when I transfered it (no issues at all) the title came to me and said 1970 Nissan Coupe. ???


"coupe?!?" so somewhere in their system they knew it wasn't really a 240Z. maybe the prior owner had to MENTION it to the person transfering the title. Oh well. not that big of a deal.

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WA state dmv seems to be really nice compared to california or for that matter so cal, I feel so cal needs to be another state altogether as they do things completely different then us norcal guy or maybe I'm just jealous LOL


I keep hearing all the stories from people how they got pulled over and had the cop ask them about their cars and origin. I guess it just depends on who pulls you over and what mood he is in.


The current owner of the pulsar said that he has gotten pulled over a few times driving the car and once the cop said if the car had headers and my friend just smiled and said no which was the truth since turbo cars have ex. manifold LOL...


Never once did he have one cop inspect the paperwork, just routinely check the current reg in the system to see if the car was stolen or not currently reg, no problems just yet.


In fact I remember that I had purchased my bluebird way back in '92 unknowing to me weather it was legal to even drive this car everyday I had no clue but I wanted the car that bad. The guy I bought it from was good friends with Mike's foreign auto in wilmington ca that owned the bluebird-this was basically a wrecking yard that had the papers on it that the guy I purchased it from was acting as the sales agent for them, anyways I purchased the car and had just a bill of sale. Promptly loaded her up headed up I-5 to norcal, once there I had to go to dmv to have the car transfered under my name and they told me to get a smog/brake/light inspection to change ownership since it was a salvage and has been off the records for over 10 year prior. after all the fiasco I was driving her after putting 3 months of work just to get her running decently and enjoyed her everyday-there wasn't a day that was not fun since I had so many people give me the thumbs up and had one guy in a 510 wanted to trade me while driving in san jose ca. One time I got pulled over and the cop approached the car on the left side and boy I thought it was game over but he had a laugh and just commented on how cool this car was and that he had seen another one just like it to my surprise but all in all he did ask anything more about the car boy those were the times!



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