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running 87 samurai with SD22 swap ready to go in

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$4500 Located in Marietta, Ga

TRADE for nice Datsun daily driver! Make offer!




I bought this Zuk as a fun toy and drove it on the street for a while and a couple times on the trails(It does AWESOME!)

The body is very straight with just a few spots. It does have some small spots of rust-through but nothing devastating.

Has LEDs for turn signals and brake lights, but still needs rear running lights wired in. 


Exhaust is a 2"straight pipe with a thrush welded muffler put inline, it was way too loud!


Currently has a stock 1.3L engine, 4 speed was swapped out for a 5 speed with BRAND NEW clutch and flywheel. Poly shifter bushing


-Trail tough 4.16 transfer case gears installed by previous owner


-Stock axles, welded rear diff. 

-fairly fresh 31x11.5R15 Super Swamper TSL tires on steel wheels(1 tire has a gash on the inside sidewall near the tread, but seems OK. 


Here is the cool part..







Nissan 2.2L SD22 Diesel engine w/ 110,000 miles on it. The engine sat for a few years but I changed the oil and filter and fired it up in about 20 minutes after priming the injection pump.

Valvetrain looked very clean and no gunk built up in the head.

The on-engine coolant hoses to the in-block oil cooler(tight radius 90* bend) and for the water pump(tight radius 180* bedn were replaced with new rubber hoses, all hose clamps were replaced with quality Stainless Steel hose clamps instead of the factory wire clamps


I fired up the engine and let it run for a few hours and it was running really good.


Engine is all cleaned up and painted. 

New intake/exhaust gasket and valve cover gasket are installed, and an oil pan gasket is also included.

This engine is a fully mechanical diesel that was rated at 62 hp and 100 ft/lbs of torque. 

Has the original flywheel, and I put in a clutch that had 100 miles put on it

New thermostat and its gasket are included.

Reman lifetime warranty Autozone alternator included (not installed)

These get 35-40mpg in the Nissan 720 pickup trucks!


Here is the engine running in another project I have, but changed direction and needed more power.(its solid mounted to the frame with poly bushings, thus all the vibration noise, lol


Stubby Nissan pickup transmission rebuilt with new bearings and synchros. Has 280zx gearset in a 720 stubby transmission and input shaft. This gives a 3.70 1st gear and a .89 5th gear. 

Also including an extra output yoke to build the intermediate driveshaft to the transfer case.

With the short overall length of the Stubby transmission(not the one pictured on the engine), it makes the swap a breeze.


Extra stock Samurai front axle minus calipers and steering stuff.

Extra rear axle shafts

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