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WTB 620 runner

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Obviously discs are better. But driving around town and back roads, drums aren't that bad.  (Pain in the ass adjusting often, yes).  I've rocked a few rigs with all drums. These light datsun's don't do to bad mang...  We don't all have bagged KA crazy mad beebani trucks in our driveways.

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found my truck for 1500, talked down to 1350.

but it initially took a lot of maintenance just to keep it on the road.

i daily my truck with all 4 drum breaks, mostly highway driving. the drums work fine

even in those emergency stop situatioins. but i do have plans to upgrade to discs up front.


i read something a while back that specifically applies to these old datsuns

this is a rough example of the quote

you can either spend a grand on a rusty, barely running vehicle and 5 grand fixing it up

or you can spend the 6 grand up front and have a dependable daily driver that barely

ever needs any fixing up.


it all depends on how you wanna spend your money but it pretty much ends up being the same

in the end. it also depends on if youre a good home mechanic with the tools to do the job

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I hear ya Dawa, I have heard the same adage before. For me, I want a rolling project. I want to get an original truck running reliably, then start doing frame, suspension and brake restoration/improvements.


Not sure how wild I want to go on suspension, but handling is higher on my list than a ka swap. And much higher than aesthetics.

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oh ok well it seems like youre just like the majority of us here on ratsun :D

im sure youll find what youre lookin for and at an inexpensive price.

its just a waiting game

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got a good running one for a grand, talked the guy down to $700. replaced the coil, fixed the timing, oil and plugs. gets me 70 mile commute 5+days a week. running all drums, they are a pain in the but to adjust and everything but they work fine. the deals are out there man, just keep your eyes open. i  set a craigs list alert to my phone.

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Cpl- seems like you got a great deal. Got a guy locally who has a non runner that "needs a valve job" but hesitant to pursue it since it seems kinda shady.


I am cruising CL twice a day (or more) lookin'. Something will pop up.


by the way, how much does a valve job run usually.

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