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WTB: 521 H190 Rear End (So. Cal)

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I'm looking for the stock H190 rear end out of a 521. 

Doesn't matter if it's the 4.375, or 4.875. 


Preferably in or around southern California. If it does happen to be a bit too far, and seller is willing to ship, I may consider if the shipping is less than the actual rear end. 


PM me with your price and details. 


Thanks in advance, here's some ass  B)


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There is a 69 521 in yard in Ontario with stock rear end not sure of gear ratio

Which yard? Maybe I can look up pricing before I head out there.


The '69 will be the tiny J1300 and that should have the 4.875 in it. Jdm720 you do know that all 620 automatics after '75 and all standards (except '79) had 4.375s in them?

I didn't know that.. But I'm actually not too concerned with the gears (plan on swapping mine in), as I am with the width. A few hours of research leads me to the conclusion that the 521 rear ends are 52-52.5" wide, right..? And mine would be around 55". Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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