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Berdoo/Denver chopper connection

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Check out this thread................




To explain, in San Bernardino during the 70s, Denver Mullins built fantastic choppers. He died in 1992 and the business was moved by a "partner" to Henderson, Nevada. I still own a Denvers bike and became involved just last week on this forum. My bike is a few photos ahead and other items I still own. Anyway, crusing, as I've mentioned earlier, was HUGE in San Bernardino. And Denvers shop was on E Street. So. Cal. Datsun Pickups converged at Fontana Datsun and caravanned to E Street where they would "take over" the corner of 6th and E on Friday and Saturday nights. This club was TOO COOL, absolutely NO OTHER vehicles but Datsun pickups were "allowed" to park on 6th and E. Period. I remember that. It was kinda' like an "invitation" to be allowed to pull in there. Dave Bednarczyk has said for years the saying "Don't FLAKE rocks" which was a term that SCDP would yell at anybody entering or leaving 6th and E. This was a gravel corner and a burnout would result in dust and possible paint damage. And they MEANT it. So You might start seeing the connection here. What I DIDN'T KNOW was about the connection of the photos posted this morning on page 24. Get ready to be BLOWN away!! And YES, the shop in the background was on E Street!!! After You check those photos out, take a few minutes going back a few pages to see the beautiful bikes Denver built and other San Bernardino area photos. Those were VERY GOOD days!!! Enjoy!!!

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Thank You Kevin for posting those photos! I am guessing that Denver is stepping out of a very new 1973 or 1974. Too cool ! ! Still stock driver's side only rearview mirror, mudflaps NO piant chip dings yet in the bed or side tiedown hook areas. Slotted mags with whitewall tires. A "customized" daily driver business truck. Seat possibly redone by Ron Mangus. Way cool ! ! !

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I too have been turned onto that site by Mike http://www.jockeyjournal.com & seeing all the kool choppers from back then is interesting. Im actually getting a few paint/graphics design ideas for my 620 that i may "borrow" :cool: And now to see that Denver himself drove a 620 kinda ties it all together. Somewhere on disc i have a pic of Mike's "denvers chopper" & ill post it when i find it. I like how the 620's would take over the blvd....we need pics of that!

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Here are two views of My chopper. 1972 Honda 500 built in 1982 by Denver Mullins. I haven't rode the bike since 1985 and it is now red. Yes, I rode a hardtail from Barstow to L.A. to the 1984 Olympics!! The bottom photo was taken at L.A. Union Station. The railroad had president's cars there as they were an Olympic supporter. Enjoy!!





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I have been on the sister site, Jalopyjournal aka the HAMB since 2000. I had a 60 Sportster chopped in the late 60s and was all original. Don't have my computer so no pics from me. It was big flake purple, all molded with a king and queen seat. I just had the hardest time kick starting it.


Someday I'll bring home my 73 Honda CB350Four, I kinda wanna chop it, but I see they go for good money on ebay stock.

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Hi Purple,


My buddy, Dave Bednarczyk (who I've mentioned on here before..... SCDP Escondido chapter 1975) lives and works in Redding. Maybe You know Him. He is the engineer on the daily UP local that spots railroad cars in and around Redding.

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If ya search my screen name on the jockey journal you'll find some of my stuff over their I was pretty heavy into bike but I've sorta faded away from them. I only build jap stuff mainly so it was fun being creative with them.

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It is truly an amazing thread. The automotive connection of who was building bikes, trucks, cars and boats back then was common. Everybody knew everybody and I consider them all "Artisians" in Their own artform. A vehicle, no matter what it is, is a "canvas" and these guys left Their mark with what they created. I was so blown away to see Denver stepping out of a 620. More on THAT subject later..... stay tuned!!



Purple, Well I doubt if that is where Dave gets it done. He's knida' a "warantee" type of guy and would pay more $$$$ to go to a dealer, unlike Me. But if You see a locomotive going back and forth, NOT 3 or more engines with a long train blasting through town, that would be Dave. He also plays guitar with a local guy named Marvin.

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Here are two views of My chopper. 1972 Honda 500 built in 1982 by Denver Mullins.


Damn, haven't seen anything that old skool in years. :thumbup:


I haven't rode the bike since 1985...


What's that all about? :confused:

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Well, some of have shown interest so I'll post a couple of shots that I took this morning. Naturally, more are on that Jockeyjournal thread:





This was the first time in a long, long time that it has seen daylight. It shined up pretty nicely and Mark should know this photo location!! Enjoy.




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I got my bike finally, but it's at my friend's place. Once I got it in the sun I realized the frame and other stuff were painted too, and flake at that. So I'm not gonna chop it because I love the existing color.DCP_0038.jpg

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My red bike will be displayed at the 2013 Grand National Roadster show in Pomona at the fairgrounds next month !  This historic display will feature 19 other Denver's choppers making it the largest gathering of Denver built bikes in one location ever !  Also, there is discussion of re-creating Denver Mullins' orange 620 for future displays. More on that subject later !


Here, also, is a video on Youtube of the ride We went on in 2009 for the Street Chopper Magazine 40th Anniversary party:


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Well, it is finally here. I leave tomorrow night to be in Pomona early Thursday morning to set up for the show. Any of You attending try to look Me up. I will be wearing My SWDP jacket quite a bit. 

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