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5 speed transmission/clutch rhino pac

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7 7/8 X 1 X 24T /200mm
All components are engineered to function as a precisely matched system
Includes all-new pressure plate assemblies, disc assemblie, release bearing, pilot bearing/bushing, and alignment tool.
Transmission 5 speed
Could fit a 620 truck, first year 720 truck, 280z, 280zx or 810/Maxima. It is 31.5" long, and have a front and rear aluminum case sandwiching a 1" thick steel adapter plate between it. 

Clutch/Transmission   SOLD





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Well the rear trans mount is a z or zx not a Maxima. It does not have a top gear or a neutral switch and has only a reverse lamp switch. Only the zx non turbo and the Maxima had this.  It has a reverse check sleeve which wasn't listed as being on the zx 5 speed but was on the Maxima. I'd say a mid '80 and up Maxima 5 speed possibly swapped into a z car. If not, then a zx 5 speed.


Another thing is the striking rod guide. This has the lower pin holes and takes a tall shift lever where as the 280zx was known to have a short shift with a higher pin location.






Place in 5th and turn the input spline 10 times. If the output turns 7 1/2 times then it's more likely a zx 5 speed.

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