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'79 620 stuff

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I am parting out '79 620.  Keeping the motor, trans, radiator, alt, ect to transplant into a '73 shell. Fenders, hood, bed are all for sale. Let me know if your need something.

Here is truck:



Stock 3 piece rubber floor mat set.  Has a rip and some black rubber paint on it.  See pictures for more details.  $50 plus shipping









Center console.  Painted blue with insert cut for a deck.  No cracks.  $30 plus shipping



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Doesn't the 79 have ball joint front end & disc brakes, seems like you might want to swap the "73 shell" onto that 79 frame?

I don't know, but that might be just as easy as swapping the motor and trans.  Just a thought, I'm just throwing it out there :)


I wanted to do this but it is not that easy.  Lots of fab required since the control arms are longer. :(

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Seats are for sale.  Not sure what they are from.  No shipping just local pickup.  $80 for the pair

Rear window $50 local pickup only

Front window is cracked just in case anybody was curious


Sale pending on:

-rear view mirror, brake and clutch pedals

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I know you are trying to sell the entire bed, but if it doesn't sell, before scrapping it could you get the replacement panel and side marker from the drivers side? It looks like the bed has the same seams as mine, here is a picture of the area I am talking about:






Thanks and have a great day.

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There is actually damage in that same area on the bed.  Happens to be the spot that there is cancer rust at.  I'll get a picture and show.  As for lights I don't have any.  PO fabed up some lights and put them on.

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Ill pm you


'79 was the only year that the tan dash was available. Quite rare even on a '79. Too bad about the speakers, just noticed them.



All 4 or 5 speed '79s had a 4.11 H-190 in them if anyone wanted a lower diff.

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